Spring Beauty Loves

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Spring Beauty Loves

As much as I adore fall and the darker shades, something about spring beauty is oh so refreshing after months of chilly weather.  Brands and designers were really on their A game for spring 2014.   I have never seen so many gorgeous, drool worthy products. I mean have you seen all of the new releases from NYX?  And lets not forget Too Faced.
1.) Guerlain Meteorites and Brush
What is not to love about these things? They make you look brighter and alert, plus they smell amazing.  And lets not forget the gorgeous, luxe packaging.  The brush is also lovely with its pink bristles.  The Meteorites are $60 and the brush is $42.  Available at Nordstrom.

2.) Guerlain Meteorites Bubble Blush
I have become a huge fan of cream blushes because they are easy to apply in a pinch.  And this is just the cutest, prettiest one of all.  As much I adore it, I just cannot see myself spending $42 on a cute little bubble of blush.

3.) Lancome Rouge In Love Shades from the French Ballerine Collection
Nothing sounds more feminine and graceful than a French ballerina.  Lancome released four new shades of Rouge In Love: Peony Pucker, Rosy Rouge, Peche Passion and Violette Coquette.  $28.50

4.) Kat Von D Esperanza Palette
After nearly missing out on her Spellbinding palette, I will be getting this one.  I love how vibrant and festive the shadows are.   Plus I adore the sugar skull/Dia De Los Muertos vibe of the packaging.  It will be mine! And it actually already is.  I just got my hot, little hands on it. =)

5.) Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Flower Crush
I have always been a sap for the packaging of the Yves Saint Laurent lipstick.  Mix that with gorgeous spring shades and I am hooked.  Just the name "Flower Crush" makes me feel like I am in a warm, quiet meadow filled with wildflowers.  This collection includes 4 spring ready shades, but my favorite is Rose Neillia. $34

6.) Yves Saint Laurent Flower Crush Eye Palette
You know, because the lipstick needs a friend. A very pretty, springy friend.

7.) Sephora Collection Rouge Infusion
This sounds like an interesting product with good potential.  It comes in 13 shades, so there should be something foe everyone.  Sephora says " The weightless formula leaves lips stained, soft, hydrated, and refreshed upon application." Count me in. $14

8.) Sephora Collection Sand Illusions Baked Eyeshadow Palette
Six gorgeous eyeshadows for $15 sounds like a good option to me.  Plus the shades remind me of the beach, and that is always a good thing.

There are quite a few more items that I am lusting after, but these are some of my favorites.  What are your favorite spring products?

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