Milani Color Statment Lipstick in Ruby Valentine

1:56 PM

Every girl needs a good red lipstick in her stash. Even better is a good red lipstick that does not make your wallet want to cry.  Don't get me wrong, I adore my Hourglass Icon Lipstick, but it is expensive.  Milani's Ruby Valentine is a beautiful and inexpensive alternative.

This is the only red drugstore brand of red lipstick I have and I don't think I ever need to get another.  Ruby Valentine has stunning pigment and feels smooth on the lips.  It has a lovely vinyl finish and is a happy medium between a matte finish and being more glossy.  It has a great wear time, too.  I have gone to work with it, come back home and went to bed, woke up and it was still on.  And that was purely for testing purposes. *cough cough* However, there is one thing that many of you may consider a downside, and you may already be aware of this: these lippies have a distinct fruity, sweet scent. I have not found it to be a problem as I have five of these lipsticks now and I find that the scent fades pretty fast.  I haven't had any issues with bleeding and it is fairly low maintenance as far as red lipsticks go.  It pairs really well with Milani's new Transparent Anti-Feathering liner.

The Color Statement Lipsticks are enriched with vitamins A,C and E to keeps lips nice and soft.  Despite this, my lips still felt a little dry.  But that is a normal occurrence since I have very dry lips anyway.  Yet another wonderful thing: it is paraben free =)

Ruby Valentine comes in the classic gold tube.  It feels a little cheap, but given how awesome the lipstick is, that is a very minor gripe.

Oh! And CVS has the Milani Lipsticks buy one get one 50% off until Feb 15th.  So now is the perfect time to stock up. =)

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