My January Favorites

7:33 PM

It has been quite some time since I have done a favorites post.  I honestly cannot even remember when the last one was.  January will be a little different in that a lot of my favorite things are actually lip and hair products rather than eyeshadows.  Which is really odd for me.

Hair Products

I was excited when Herbal Essences released their own cleansing conditioner a la Wen.  I love me some Wen, but I go through it so quickly and spend a fortune on it. This has been a nice, cheap option.  It is not quite as good, but it gets the job done.  To style my hair, I use Garnier Curl Shaping Spray Gel.  I have been loving this product for quite some time.  I used to change styling products every month, but I have been loyally sticking to this gel.  It controls frizz, but my hair doesn't get crunchy or weighed down.

Lip Products
First up is the most amazing, spectacular, wonderful lipstick and lip gloss ever. EVER!  Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine in Paris Pink and Gloss Volupte in Grenade Pepite.  Are they expensive? Yes. Are they worth every penny? Heck yes. Do you need some shade of them? Doubles heck yes. I will be reviewing them soon, so you will be seeing why they have stolen my heart.

I have also been using Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Uptown Mauve and Wet n Wild's Center Stage Vicious Varnish in Ball in Vienna.  Both are great, inexpensive options.  In fact, the Vicious Varnish is the best lip stain that I have ever tried. You can see my full review of it here.

Nail Polish
One of my favorite manicures of all time also happened this month.  And considering I almost never wear green polish, that was kind of a big deal.  Both of my favorites this month are by Milani. Showy Sea Green and Sugar Rush make for an excellent spring mani.  And the quality is awesome, too. You must get these. Be on the lookout for reviews of these two gems as well.

Whelp, that is all for my favorites of January.  I could have gone a little longer, but these are my absolute favorites and I didn't want to be too verbose.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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