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6:44 AM

Are you ready for some exciting news? The Pixi holiday collection is half off at Target!  Maybe I am a little slow to get this memo, but I was pretty excited about it.  Of course I could not resist getting some of the eyeshadows. I have been wanting these since they were first released, but I felt the prices were too high.  Now they are just right.

The first thing I picked up was the Seasonal Reflection Kit in Casual Cool, which has some gorgeous eyeshadows and a lovely pink blush. This was marked down to $11.00 from $22. I have already tried it and I can say that the eyeshadows are wonderful.  They are buttery with great pigment.  Even the blush is nice.  If you see this, it is worth picking up.

I also got the Eye Alchemy Assortment, which was marked down to $14. It has 38 metallic shadows and a brush. I swatched a few of the shades and I am very impressed.  These are without primer and the pigment is just wonderful.

They also had some of the Fairy Light Solo shadows on sale for $7.50, so I picked up the shade Nude Nouveaux, which is a beautiful, shimmery champagne.

If you have never tried Pixi products, you need to.  Especially their shadows.  They are uber smooth, buttery and have a lot of pigment.

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