Sephora Color Anthology Palette First Impressions

8:30 PM

First of all, I can't believe Sephora sold this for a mere $35. Even more shocking: they marked it down to $20! That is such a steal considering how beautiful this palette is.  I got a few requests on swatches, so I did every shade.  And I was very impressed with the texture and color payoff.  Of course there was the occasional dud, but over all, this is a stunning product. The packaging is cute, too.  It looks and feels like a book.  It also has a mirror, which is always a great bonus.

The first two rows contain a lovely array of pinks and mauves ranging from shimmer to metallic to mattes. The second row is a little bit lackluster, but still pretty.

The next two rows make me drool just a little.  The third row of the palette has this amazing dark, dark purple with shimmer. And the blues just speak for themselves.

This next row has some interesting colors that I have never worn, but I am curious to try.  The first shade is a chartreuse and I have nothing like it in any of my other palettes.  In fact, a lot of the shades in this palette are like that.  The final row on the left side has more shades of green.

The right side of the palette has the neutral shades (with the exception of the mac and cheese oranges) ranging from creams, taupes, greys and black.

I haven't actually worn any of the shades yet, but so far I like it a lot.  They are very smooth and buttery with nice pigment. This palette has just about every single shade you would ever need.  Grab this for a mere $20 on


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