The Product You Must Have With You At All Times:

2:21 PM

are Almay's Makeup Eraser sticks.  You absolutely need these on hand at all times.  Smudged eyeliner and mascara happens to the best of us.  Whether it is not taking off your eyeshadow at night, watery eyes, long day at work. etc..these babies will take care of the problem without irritating your eyes.  And all of the above have happened to me. 

These come in a handy Q-tip shape and are housed in a sturdy, plastic container that makes them easy to travel to with.  All you do is snap the top half of the stick (there is a purple line indicating where to snap) and the makeup remover travels to the other end.  It is a rather quick and painless procedure.  And one can remove a lot more makeup than you would think.

As you can see, they do a heck of a job removing eyeliner.  I can't speak for how well it removes waterproof makeup because I don't use it.  But for regular items, they work just swell.  Anyone else say that in the voice of the beaver from Lady and the Tramp?

 The only places I have seen these are Ulta and Target.  I know my local drugstores have stopped carrying them for whatever reason.

What are the product(s) that you always have on hand? Comment below!

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