Wet n Wild The Style Award Goes To Collection

9:01 AM

As you probably know by now, Wet n Wild has released two limited edition spring palettes.  Unlike last year, I was able to get my hands on them.  If you can't find this collection right now, you may be able to find them in August =) Which is what happened to me last year.

Sadly, these palettes seem like a let down.  Wet n Wild must have altered the formula for their 8 pan palettes because these are nowhere near as soft and pigmented as they usually are.  The shadows have a drier and more stiff texture.  The color pay off is also a little "blah."  This is especially true with Flirting At The After Party, which has an array of lovely pinks and purples.  The left side is a little worse than the right.   And maybe with a little primer, they will perform well.

Walking The Red Carpet is a palette with neutral shadows and is a little better in quality.  The left side is actually very lovely.  The shadows are smooth, less dry and have good pigment.  And the right side brought back the disappointment, but it is still better than Flirting At The After Party.

I haven't worn these palettes yet, but I can't say they are worth picking up. Especially Flirting At The After Party.  If  you must get one, try Walking the Red Carpet.  I found these palettes at WalGreens.

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