Klean Color Wizard Pads Nail Polish Remover Pads

8:34 AM

We all love a good deal, right? Especially when that good deal is combined with convenience. But there are many times when saving some money leads us to some rather crappy products.  However, there are also times when you come across some pretty awesome things. And the Klean Color Wizard pads fall into the latter category.  Amazingly, these things are less than $2.  And they are pretty darn good.  Granted, they are not as effective as your everyday polish removers.  But, unlike those, Klean Color's are free of harsh chemicals and lack that yucky smell.  You do have to work a little bit harder, but three of these little pads will get rid of all the polish on both hands.  I really think two could accomplish that.  These also have cuticle oil, so my nails actually look and feel better afterwards.  They come in various scents including peppermint, cherry, grape, orange and lemon.  I went with lemon, and they do smell quite nice.  The scent is not overpowering nor overly sweet.  The packaging is also great. It is perfect for travel, and they are colorful so they are easy to spot in your bag.  You can get these through Klean Color or Miss A.

Bottom line, these are worth checking out.  At this price, there isn't anything to lose.

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