Be Pain Free With First Aid Shot Therapy Pain Relief

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This obviously isn't beauty related, but this is such a cool product that I wanted to share it with you guys.  I received this in Influenster's Surf's Up Vox Box and thought it was an interesting product.  However, I was also a little skeptical so I put off trying it out.  Today I was having some pretty bad cramps (curse you mother nature), and was about to reach for my Advil but I figured I would try this instead.  And I am actually pretty impressed.  After my first sip, I was a little grossed out by the taste.  It does have a berry flavor, but you can definitely tell this is medicine.  But it wash't enough to keep me from drinking the product.  About 10-15 minutes later, I could feel the cramps subsiding.  It is now about 45 minutes later.  I still have the cramps, but they are nowhere near as bad.  This stuff works as well as Advil, but I felt the results a lot faster.

Now you are probably wondering what the active ingredients are.  The NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug) is choline salicylate (500 mg to be exact), and there is also 65mg of caffeine, which aids the pain reliever.  I can't say for certain if it will make you drowsy as I was already sleepy before I took it, but it did not make things worse.

If you are interested in trying this product, or finding out more, check out their website. All you have to do is input your zip code and they will give a list of stores that sell it. In GA, the main place you can find it at are Kangaroo Stores and possibly Walgreens.  You can also order it on Amazon.  I wouldn't say this product is good enough to go on a hunt for it, but if you happen to run across it, I say pick one or two up to toss in your bag.  After all, no one has time for pain.

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

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