Maybelline Baby Lips Crystal in Twinkling Taupe

5:33 PM

Every now and then, a beauty brand will release a product that gains a cult following.  Maybelline gives us one such product in their Baby Lips balm.  And I am right on board because they are pretty great.  An even better thing is that they keep giving us different options and shades to choose from.  Their newest addition is the Crystal Baby Lips, which provides a shimmery, glossy finish.  Now don't let the shimmer factor scare you.  I can assure they are quite wearable.

The packaging hasn't changed much, but that did add some sparkle.  You will notice cool flecks of holographic sparkle on the tube.  I find it a very mice touch as it isn't too much.

Based on swatches I have seen, Twinkling Taupe is the least sheer of the bunch and that is why I went with it.  It is gorgeous neutral shade that is perfect for slathering on before running errands, school, or even just around the house.  This tube will have a comfortable spot in my bag.  Twinkling Taupe has an almost orange-y look on me, but it still retains its neutral charm.

The texture of the Crystal Baby Lips is actually better, if you can imagine that.  They have a really nice buttery, texture that easily smoothes across the lips.  It doesn't hang around long, though.  Which is to be expected from lip balms.  However, when compared to the other Baby Lips I have, the wear time does seem to be shorter.  I can go about an hour to an hour and half before needing to re-apply.  With the other formulas, I could go two and a half hours.  Regardless, Twinkling Taupe is worth trying out.  Especially if you are a lip balm junkie like myself.
Have you tried this variation of Baby Lips yet?

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