My Current Skincare Routine

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I have been wanting to do this post for the last few weeks.  I put it off because I had made some changes and I wanted to make sure that I liked the products.  Well, I do and my skin is finally starting to stop breaking out.  It had been going bonkers on me for the last few weeks.  Which I am sure is some combination of the humidity, my combination/oily skin, and ungodly amount of coffee just make sure I can be semi-functional.  Anywho, onto the products I have been using.

Skincare Routine

Makeup Removers: I have two makeup removers that I use prior to cleansing because I want my skin to be squeaky clean.  First, I take off any eye makeup with Almay's Longwear and Waterproof Liquid Eye Makeup Remover.  This stuff is pretty great at removing some of the peskiest eyeliners and mascara.  To remove my foundation (most of it, anyway) I have been using The Body Shop's Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter.

Cleanser and Toner: One of my all time favorite cleansers is Arcona's Toner Tea Bar.  It is one of the only cleansers that prevents my skin from getting really oily and it makes a marked difference in the appearance of my skin.  After cleansing, I use the Arcona Triad Pads. Occasionally, I will just use the Triad Pads in the morning instead of a cleanser as they are a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer in one.  They have a lot of great ingredients that the keep the skin clear and healthy.

Treatment: Arcona's "The Solution" is a great evening treatment for keeping blemishes away.  It absorbs quickly and although it does sting a little, it does not cause any irritation.  Everyone that is acne prone needs a spot treatment on hand.  I have been using Clean & Clear's Persa Gel, which has the maximum dose of benzoyl peroxide to banish those pesky pimples.  And it is budget friendly, too.

Moisturizer: Arcona Magic White Ice is a great moisturizer for oily skin because it is effective while being light weight.  It absorbs quickly and does not make my skin feel greasy.

Mask/Exfoliant:  Freeman Beauty makes some amazing products on the cheap.  My favorite product them is their Facial Polishing Mask.  It is a multitasking product that first acts as a mask, but then a gentle scrub.  Your skin will thank you for using this.

Lips:  The original Blistex is one of the best remedies for chapped lips.  I used this a lot as a child and recently rediscovered my love for it.  I slather it on every night before bed and wake up to soft, smooth lips. And for when my lips need some extra TLC, I reach for Lush Mint Julips.  This lip scrub is a must have because it gently gets rid of dry flakes, and the instructions actually say to lick it off.  Which is perfect because this stuff does taste amazing

Honorable Mentions: Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion is a product I break out when my skin is being particularly infuriating.  The salicylic acid helps treat blemishes, but it does not cause any irritation.  I always have a bottle of this around just in case.

What are some of your favorite skincare products?

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