Staying Confident With U by Kotex (and Free Samples)

8:54 PM

Being comfortable with ourselves and having self-confidence is something we all struggle with.  For us girls, maintaining our confidence can be a pretty tricky thing thanks to Mother Nature and the lovely monthly curse.  She can strike at the worst time and send our self-esteem on a downward spiral.

During that time of the month, most of us feel like absolute crap and are doing good to muster enough confidence to go to work, school and participate in our regular daily activities. Forget talking to that cute guy at the mall.  Sure, a cute (and incredibly flattering) outfit, gorgeous eyeshadow, and an amazing shade of lipstick can help, but what we really need is the confidence that our undies will not get ruined and our pad of choice will leave us fresh and dry.  As unpleasant as it is to talk about, we all know about this struggle and the potential embarrassing situations that go with it.  Plus how many pairs of underwear (and possibly pants) have you had to toss out to pasture because your pad or tampon just didn't get the job done? I have lost many a cute pair thanks to Aunt Flo.  Well, it is time to take a stand and save the undies with U by Kotex.  Kotex is an amazing brand and I always rely on them because they never leave me disappointed.  This is especially true with their CleanWear Pads that have a wonderfully innovative 3D Capture Core that will make leaks a nightmare of the past. No more extra trips to the bathroom to make sure everything is okay. No more awkward walks (waddle, really) thanks to really thick, diaper like pads. You can walk (excuse me, strut) with confidence.  U by Kotex CleanWear Pads are comfortable and thin, but they get the job done.

Love the colorful, fun packaging!

Want to try them for yourself?  Well, you are in luck.  You can get free samples of these (includes 2 CleanWear Regular Pads, 2 CleanWear Heavy Flow Pads, 2 Curves Liners and a coupon) little lifesavers right here.  You will love them!  Since we are all in this together, be sure to keep an extra one or two in your bag so you can spread the confidence.
My confidence boosters: flawless skin, voluptuous lashes, an awesome lipstick, and U by Kotex CleanWear.

A huge thanks to Kotex for sponsoring this post! All opinions in this post are my own.

What are your confidence boosters? Leave a comment below!

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