Dorm Room Essentials With Kleenex and Walmart

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 I want to give a HUGE thank you to Walmart and Kleenex for sponsoring this post.

It is back to school time, which can either be a time of excitement or complete dread.  I haven't lived in a dorm for quite sometime now, but I remember the experience.  It was nerve-wracking, but also exciting.  I have to admit that I had a pretty sweet set up; it was  more like an apartment than a dorm room.  Anywho, here are my top dorm room essentials.  I took the more practical route and my picks will make dorm life much easier.

Dorm Room Essentials

1.) A Coffee Maker
I feel no shame in admitting that I am a coffee addict. A good coffee maker is the ultimate dorm room must have.  I recommend a Keurig because it brews up a cup of coffee in no time and there are a huge variety of coffees and teas you can get for it.

2.) A Desk Fan
This may seem like a small, stupid thing to include, but I loved mine so very much.  My room was on the top floor and in Georgia spring and summer, it got pretty hot.  Plus I am very hot natured and this prevented my roomies from freezing to death.

3.) A Cozy Blanket
So this is for the exact opposite situation.  In case it gets too cold, you always need a good blanket around. Plus there is just something comforting about snuggling up with a good blanket when you are stressed out from finals and the never ending piles of work.

4.) Eucalyptus Candles
And I say eucalyptus because it is relaxing and will make your room smell great.  I have gotten in the habit of always having one burning while I am working because it works some kind of crazy magic and helps me relax and focus at the same time.

5.) Desk Lamp/Organizer
This is one handy combination, and something you will use after you move out.  In fact, five years later I still have mine and use it all the time.  Not only to you get a functioning light, but you get space for all of your desk top essentials. Plus they come in a variety of fun colors.

6.) Kleenex Expressions Oval Facial Tissue Chevron Design
Because you always need Kleenex around.  Kleenex brand has strong, yet soft tissue and my family has relied on them for years. And these ultra cute designs will make you want to show them off and get a stockpile of them. Because you will get sick, need to remove mascara, or whatever else you may need a Kleenex for (there are a million reasons).  These Chevron Designs come in fun colors, so be sure to head to your local Walmart to grab some.  You can find them in the tissue section or Back to School section.  To find your nearest Walmart, check out their Store Locator Page.

7.) A Small, Cute, and Functional Desk
 I was lucky in that my school provided a desk, even if it was an ugly, dull desk. But if for whatever reason you need to get one, I really love this option from Walmart.  It also comes with a chair and you can pick which color you want.  It is compact, but still functional. And I love the design.

8.) A Portable Laundry Hamper
For obvious reasons.  It just makes life easier.

9.) A Mini Fridge
I love being able to keep a mini fridge without having to go into the kitchen or common area. And this fridge has a dry erase board, so you can also jot down important memos or just draw some fun doodles on it.

10.) A Shower Caddy
This is one of the timeless dorm room essentials. It clears up clutter in the bathroom, and you won't have to worry about your roommate using your stuff.

All of these items can be picked up at your local Walmart, or ordered off their website.  Good luck for the new school year and be successful!

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