Gift Ideas for the Beauty and Coffee Lover in Your Life

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Can you believe that Christmas and Thanksgiving are right around the corner? 2014 has just flown by.  It is already time (or past time almost) to pick out gifts for friends, family, coworkers, etc.. And we all know shopping for others can either be a lot of fun or a huge pain in the a**. Well, I am here with some inexpensive options that will cover the beauty fanatic and even the coffee lover in your life. You could literally just get me a tube of lipstick from Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc.. along with anything coffee related and I will love you forever.  Just throwing that out there.

Target has a ton of wonderful beauty related gift sets, and if your Target has a Starbucks, even better. You can kill two birds with one stone.  I only picked a few gift sets available. There is a plethora of e.l.f. sets, NYX sets, Que Bella skincare stocking stuffers, hand creams, bath salts, bubble bath, and lets not forget Sonia Kashuks's Holiday Collection (which my Target doesn't have yet).

Let's start with two of the NYX sets.  I bought two of their sets.  One contains three shades of their Butter Lip Gloss and the other has two of their Mood Lip Glosses (less than $5).  The Butter Lip Gloss ($9.99) set is called "True Decadence" and includes the shades Red Velvet, Tiramisu, and Devil's Food Cake.  The other set has the colors Affectionate and Sensual.  They also have other lip sets and some that include eye palettes.

Now on to the e.l.f. sets, and on my goodness. There are A TON (I'd even go as far to say crap ton) of them ranging from brushes, to eyeshadows, to lips, and even nail polishes.  One of the palettes I picked up is part of their permanent range, but it would make an excellent gift. The Prism palette has some gorgeous bronze and pink shadows with excellent quality for $10.  I also got a set with 4 eyeshadow duos and a brush for $5, as well as a huge set of lipsticks and glosses for $10.  The neat thing about the lip set is that each lip color as a corresponding gloss to match.  And be careful with the eyeshadow duos.  The packaging is incredibly cheap (crap, to be quite honest) and the plastic insert popped out on one of mine. The quality of the eyeshadows appears to be pretty nice.  At least nicer than I expected.

And the lip set to end all lip least in the world of budget beauty.  Because not all of us can afford the gorgeous Tom Ford, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs beauty sets that pop up this time of year. *sigh* Darn you Tom Ford and your never ending fabulousness! Anyways, moving right along.

And the lovely e.l.f. Prism palette.

So, I am about to commit beauty blasphemy. As fabulous as all of this stuff is, the coffee is my favorite.  Especially the gorgeous thermos! Seriously, though. If you are like me and always have coffee and hot tea with you, you need to invest in it.   It is stylish, but also well made.  As for the actual coffee, I haven't tried it yet.  But I can't imagine not liking it.  I love how Starbucks made small packs for you to try (or give as gifts) rather than committing to a larger size. It is a perfect little gift for the stylish coffee lover.

Now I am about to work on swatting the e.l.f. lip set and the NYX Butter Gloss set.  And to be honest, the thought of swatching all of those makes me a bit tired.  And that is going to be one crazy long post!

See anything here you would like to give or receive? What other sets do you have your eye on?

Have a great night!

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