My Unrealistic Christmas List

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Splurge Worthy Gift Ideas 2014

Lets just assume for a minute that money is of absolutely no importance and a budget is just some crazy idea that we laugh at.  And lets also imagine that I took leave of all my senses and spent this much money on something. Actually, that last part isn't so far fetched. What beauty products would you love to be able to give your loved ones? Or get from your loved ones? Or, if you are like me, would just get for yourself and not rely on anyone to get for you? Sorry, my mom raised me to be independent. And it worked.  Anywho, here are my picks for this little scenario.  Sorry not sorry for all the Tom Ford stuff. I adore him.

Oh, and you should probably know that I have a very active imagination. So lets also add a BMW i8 to this list, shall we? ;)

1.) Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Eau de Parfum $112-$159
Expensive? Yes. Gorgeous, yet simple and elegant packaging? Yup.  Amazing, sophisticated, long lasting scent? You better believe it.  I am actually a proud owner of this perfume. I've tried my fair share of perfumes, including Guerlain and Yves Saint Laurent. As amazing as they were, they cannot hold a candle to Velvet Orchid. I love this because it isn't too sweet, girly, fruity, and floral-y.  I like more spicy, sexy, and mysterious fragrances.  This one is all of the above while also being subtle and floral. It is described as "notes of the iconic black orchid and mixes it with hints of cool citrus, dramatic petals, honey, and rum."

2.) Tom Ford Exclusive Limited Edition Nail and Lip Box $656
This price tag makes me sob.  I mean thats a car payment, for crying out loud. Even if I had the money for this, I'm not sure I could do this. Actually, thats a lie. I would. But I would split it up and not keep it all for myself.  With this set, you get Tom Ford's best selling nail polishes and lipsticks.  Heck, for this price, I almost expect to see Tom Ford himself pop out of the box.  As beautiful as this set is, I find it a bit overwhelming.  You can find this on the Neiman Marcus website.

2.) Tom Ford 4 Piece Lip Color Gift Set Matte $200
This is a less overwhelming version of the previous set.  It contains 4 shades of his newest matte lipsticks (Pussycat, Plum Lush, Flame, and Velvet Cherry). This could be the only gift I get all year and I would be ecstatic.  Also available at Neiman Marcus.

3.) Chanel Double Infidelity Lipstick and Nail Set $450
It doesn't get much better than Chanel Lipstick and a matching nail polish. *le sigh* With this set, Chanel gives you pretty much every shade of lipstick and polish a girl could ever want. A girl can dream, right? This is available at Nordstrom.

4.) Laura Gellar Book of Jewels 5 Palette Baked Eyeshadow Library $99
What is better than one eyeshadow palette? 5 eyeshadow palettes with coordinated shades.  But that $99 price tag. Yikes.  But you do get just about every shade you would ever need: ambers, sapphires, jades, amethysts, and crystals.  You can get this set via QVC.

5.) Frasco Mirrors Exclusive Chrome Antiqued Mirror $496
This reminds me of a mirror that I had as a child.  Naturally, it was nowhere near this expensive, but it looked very similar.  Plus every vanity just needs something like this.

6.) Guerlain Les Parisiennes Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum $280
Well, look at it! You can't tell me that wouldn't look gorgeous sitting out.  This fragrance has an intriguing mix of fresh citrus and soft musk. It can be found at Neiman Marcus.

7.) La Mer Limited Edition Discovery Collection
A good skincare routine is very important, and La Mer is a prestigious brand with loyal followers.  I can afford anything in this line, but it is something I would love to try at some point.
So, there it is. My completely unrealistic, fantasy Christmas list.  Rather than focus on a budget friendly (so typical) version, I wanted to do something different.  Although a more budget friendly version is in the mix.
What items are on your fantasy Christmas list?

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