Wet n Wild Centerstage Milano Collections Palette

9:17 AM

If you have been in a drugstore recently, you may have noticed some new Wet n Wild palettes.  Not that exciting until you realize that it has more than four shades.  Yes. They now have actual palettes.  And they are quite good.  Seriously.  Swatching Milano Collections blew my mind.  The shadows are nicely pigmented and have a great texture.  They are buttery and smooth, which isn't all that common in the world of drugstore beauty.

I don't care much for the packaging.  Its just some rather heavy, cheap plastic. But hey, this palette cost me $8 and the shadows are nice. I can't really complain. But I would not recommend traveling with it.

Milano Collections has a lovely, however, dupable, array of neutral shades.  The textures range from shimmery, to slightly metallic to matte.  So you get a little bit of everything.

You get a whopping 10 shades in this palette for roughly $8.  Not too shabby.

As you can see, they swatch splendidly.  And this is without any kind of primer.  The mattes didn't swatch as well as the others, but that is fairly typical.  My favorite shades are the first four: the light peachy beige, shimmery peach, metallic gold, and the copper. Of course. With a primer, they stay on the eye well with minimal creasing and fading.

Overall, there is really nothing all that special here.  Although the quality is certainly there. If you are just an eyeshadow junkie like myself, or need a nice, neutral palette on the cheap, pick this one up.

Is this a palette you will be picking up?

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  1. I love neutral shadows! Those golden shades are so lovely! I'll definitely be checking this palette out...thanks for the review! :)

  2. I am usually very sceptical of Wet'n'Wild but these swatches look great!

    1. I usually am, too. Their products can be really hit or miss sometimes.


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