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Over the last few months, ColourPop has taken over the world of cosmetics. And with good reason.  Their products are freakin' AMAZING and well priced.  Basically, they are bae in my little beauty world. And I cannot believe I just used that term. I hate it (brain cells die when I see it), but it is appropriate here.  I just received a rather large order of some of their spring releases, so I am going to share them with you. No swatches just yet as I want to wait until the pollen dies down a little before I spend any length of time outside.  Sneezing while swatching ain't pretty, people.  Anywho, on to the good stuff.

First I snagged the Rebound set ($20) that I have had my eye on since it came out.  This set includes three eyeshadows and a cheek pigment.  These shades are the epitome of a gorgeous spring look. The eyeshadows are perfect for an easy, neutral look that will not budge. And the cheek shade, wow.  It packs a punch. But no worries. It can be applied lightly. The shades included are:

  • One and Done: gorgeous butter cream
  • Too Soon: golden peach with pink opal iridescent duo chrome (per ColourPop's site). Stunning shade.  I haven't seen anything like it.
  • Adios: matte taupe
  • Ex: bright coral red, which is not to be used around immediate eye area per ColourPop's site.

The In Bloom collection is even more springy than the Rebound set.  This set comes with two cheek pigments, a highlighter and three lippie stix for $30.  This collection was created by Jamie Greenberg, who is a makeup artist. To be perfectly honest, I've never heard of this person, but I am already a fan.
Included shades:

  • Tongue Tied: matte coral (cheek)
  • Double Dip: soft peach with subtle shimmer (cheek)
  • Hysterical: matte plummy pink (cheek)
  • Sweet Thing: cool toned medium pink with a cream finish (lips)
  • Freshman: hot pink with a cream finish (lips)
  • Frenemie: warm coral with a cream finish (lips)
The descriptions of the products are from Colour Pop's site, but they are spot on.  I wore Freshman yesterday and it is gorgeous.  The formula is fantastic. 

Tongue Tied, Double Dip, Hysterical

Sweet Thing, Frenemie, Freshman

And no order is complete without some of the Super Shock eyeshadows.  I got 6 of them, and three are new for spring.  At $5,  these eyeshadows are such a steal. Shades and descriptions:
  • Daddy: cool violet.  This one apparently isn't for use in the immediate eye area. Normally, this would have prevented me from buying it, but darn it. It is such a beautiful, spring shade. (new)
  • Downtown: matte taupe (new)
  • Snap Dragon: matte sea foam green (new)
  • Amaze: metallic rose gold
  • Bandit: matte rusty brown
  • To-A-T: matte warm brown

Top Row: Daddy, Snap Dragon. Bandit
Bottom Row: Downtown, Amaze, To-A-T

How lovely is Snap Dragon?

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I also decided to pick up their lip primer to try out. I've used it the last two days and so far so good.  It got me through Easter Dinner.
And today, I am expecting another order from them.  Hey, they had some of their sets marked down, so I couldn't pass that up.

What are your favorite Colour Pop shades?

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