ColourPop Rebound Collection Review and Swatches

6:26 AM

By now, I am sure you have heard all the buzz about ColourPop cosmetics.  Like countless others, I have become obsessed with the brands crazy good eyeshadows and fabulous prices.  And their Rebound set is no exception.  This collection includes four of the Super Shock Pigments, one of which is not designed for use around the eyes.  The included shades are stunning and perfect for an easy look that will carry you into spring and summer.  The eyeshadows are natural shades, with one adding a stunning pop of peachy pink golden shimmer.  And Ex will give your cheeks a punch of vibrant color

One and Done: matte yellow cream.

Adios: matte taupe

Too Soon: peachy pink duo chrome.  This pigment was incredibly frustrating to photograph because no matter what angle or setting I tried, no shot did it justice.  I still think you can get a decent idea of what it looks like, though.

Ex: matte, intense coral red. This shade is not intended to be used on the eyes. However, it does make one heck of a blush.

In the typical Colour Pop fashion, each shade is unbelievably smooth and buttery.  The pigment is great, but I do wish Too Soon was more opaque.  It is on the sheer side.  But, it does allow you to create a subtle, sparkly eye while keeping emphasis on the cheeks.  I mean just look at Ex.  That is the kind of blush that doesn't need or want to compete for attention.  Of course the stating power is also amazing.  It is not uncommon for me to wear Colour Pop pigments without a primer, and they still last all day.  This set is $20 and worth picking up.  Actually, if I had the money, I would own every ColourPop product. True story.

What are your favorite ColourPop shades? I would love to hear!

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