Cheap Beauty Favorites: NYX Slide On Eye Pencils

3:56 PM

This is the full name of the eyeliner, but I'm sticking with Slide On Eye Pencils. Lets keep it simple. 

I haven't used an eye pencil in a minute.  I've been mainly sticking to liquid and gel liners because I wanted to master the elusive sharp wing. I can officially mark that off of my bucket list. It only took me five years. I was in need of a good waterproof eyeliner and I had some points to cash in at Ulta, so I picked up this cheap little gem for $7.99.  I purchased the shades Jet Black, Brown Perfection, and Golden Bronze, but it comes in a variety of other colors.

Available Shades (18):
Black Sparkle
Brown Perfection
Jet Black
Glitzy Gold
Golden Bronze
Golden Olive
Gun Metal
Pink Suede
Pretty Violet
Pure White
Tropical Green
Purple Blaze
Sunrise Blue
Green Papaya

Jet Black, Brown Perfection, Golden Bronze

Jet Black, Golden Copper, Brown Perfection

You know how some inexpensive black eyeliners have awful pigment and such poor texture that they barely show up and black looks like a murky grey? That is not the case with this pencil. The pigment is wonderful. One swipe will do just fine, however, if I am tightening my eyes, I usually go over it twice for good measure, simply because I love the way it makes my eyes look.  The texture is fabulous, too. It glides right on and there is no tugging whatsoever.  Since the formula is waterproof, they stay really well on my waterline.  Sure, there is a little bit of fading, but for the most part they stay put.  They are smudgeable, but only if you want them to be.  I have not had any problems with them migrating to an area where I don't want the liner to be.  If I were to compare these to another liner, I would say they are most like the Sephora Contour Eye Pencils.  The Sephora liner does come in a lot more colors, and from what I remember, they are slightly more pigmented.  But they also cost a couple dollars more (depending on where you buy the NYX liner.) On NYX's site, they are $5.60, but at Ulta they cost $7.99.  Urban Decay's 24/7 Liners are softer and more creamy, and there is a wider shade selection.  I prefer the NYX version because I find them easier to work with. UD's version is actually too soft for me.

I have seen these eyeliners at Ulta and CVS.  They are fantastic, and budget friendly.  I originally had Jet Black, but I had to get more after trying it out. Good job, NYX.

I'm so sorry it took me so long to get this post up.  I have not been feeling well today, so I've pretty much been staying in bed or using what energy I have left to help my grandma and mom.  I'm starting to come around, though.  My next three posts are going to be a What's In My Bag post, my thoughts on MAC's Wash and Dry Collection, and my May Favorites.

See you soon!

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