Cover Girl Outlast Longwear + Moisture Lipstick in Phantom Pink

12:42 PM

A few days ago, I saw someone post about this lipstick on Instagram and it intrigued me for some reason.  I'm not a Cover Girl fan at all. In fact, it is probably my least favorite beauty brand. But I went to the drugstore and picked up a shade for some unknown reason.  I went with Phantom Pink, which is  a medium rosy blue based pink. I have really been loving these kind of shades recently.

I was curious to see if they could actually accomplish the feat of making a long wear lipstick feel moisturizing. Well, Cover Girl kind of succeeded.  It feels moisturizing, but behaves a little bit like some matte lipsticks Weird, right? I've noticed that it settles into lines and accentuates any dry flakes that I may have. It just doesn't feel like it would do such a thing.  I have to say that this is one of the more interesting makeup conundrums that I have encountered.  It does last quite a long time, but I do notice that the color fades a little bit after a few hours and I need to reapply to freshen up the color.  It isn't a big deal to me because I end up doing that regardless of the lipstick I am wearing.  It is just something to keep in mind. All in all, I think this is an okay lipstick.  I adore the color, but I won't be rushing out to buy anymore nor would I buy this shade again.
No flash, taken outside when it was slightly overcast

With flash in overcast conditions
Indoor lighting with flash.

Shade with flash.

Direct sunlight.

Now on to the scent.  I always like to mention the scent of a product because I know a lot of people can be sensitive to them.  I've been trying to think of a good way to describe it. Maybe a plastic-y, fruity, vanilla-ish scent? I promise it isn't anywhere near as bad as it sounds. It is not too strong, but it is detectable and I don't find it unpleasant.  It does go away after a few minutes.
No makeup on other than Phantom Pink. Yikes.

The packaging is basic and cheap.  The lipstick is housed in a silver, flimsy plastic tube with a clear lid so you can see the shade.  This is fine for your purse, but I wouldn't recommend any long term traveling with this baby.  Also, as you may have noticed in my pictures, product gets all over the inside of the cap. I cannot figure out how and it drives me insane. I wanted to clean it up before photographing, but I wanted you guys to see it.

This isn't a lipstick that I am going to tell you that you have to have.  It is a nice, inexpensive lipstick, but it is nothing amazing. But if you are on a budget and want to add to your lipstick collection, this could be a good option for you.  I got this from Walgreens, but I have also seen it at Target and CVS.  The price varies depending on where you buy it, but it costs around $10.

And, unfortunately, this is not a cruelty free product.

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