Cover Girl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation

12:01 PM

I don't know why, but I am always drawn to foundations that have "luminous" anywhere on the label. I have combination oily skin, but that doesn't stop me. Needless to say, when I saw this Cover Girl foundation, I had to have it. I like it a lot, but I am disappointed in some ways.

Why? There is not one darn thing about it that is luminous.  If anything, it can make my skin appear more matte than most of my other foundations. This actually isn't a bad thing for me, but ladies with drier skin may want to take note.  My skin has been drier than normal for the last few week, but this foundation doesn't hang on to unsightly flakes. So there is one point for Cover Girl. Also, I rather like the coverage this foundation provides.  I tend to prefer a medium coverage because I have a few acne scars and this covers them nicely (not completely), but nicely. Another point for this foundation.  It applies and blends easily with or without a primer, and it stays on surprisingly well.  I live in a very hot and humid area, which means most foundations can slide off in no time. For some reason, this foundation is fairly resistant to Atlanta's scorching May weather. It does get a little shiny after 3 or 4 hours (finally, some luminosity going on) but it actually stays put. And I am sure that is just due to my oily-ish skin.

I purchased the shade 810, Classic Ivory.  This is the lightest shade this foundation comes in. The price is $11.30 for 1 oz, but that will vary depending on where your purchase it.
Natural lighting.

With flash.

It hasn't made my skin break out, it isn't dry, nor is it red. My skin isn't the most sensitive out there, but it can be quite moody when it wants to be.  If it doesn't like something, it will let me know about it immediately.

I even like the packaging. The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a nice pump.  It feels sturdy and pretty well made.  I haven't detected any kind of scent, and my nose is pretty good about sniffing out odd scents no matter how faint they are.

No makeup.

Wearing only the foundation.

Foundation with the rest of my makeup.
The bottom line is that I have become very fond of this foundation, but not for the reason it was made or marketed for.  I didn't notice any glow, but the coverage and wear time is quite nice. I think it is worth trying out.

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