Morphe Brushes Haul and First Impressions

4:54 PM

I am so very excited about this post.  Thanks to Jaclyn Hill (love her!), I decided to try some Morphe Single eyeshadows.  Of course I would be on board for eyeshadows that are $2. That is a no brainer for a makeup collector. I picked up one of the 28 eyeshadow palettes and got a bunch of eyeshadows.

I got my order within a week of placing, which I was really pleased with because Morphe said it could take longer.  Also, they were really careful with how they packaged the product. The palette and individual shades were wrapped snug in bubble wrap. I was concerned that some might arrived cracked, but they are in pristine condition. I am wearing Bridesmaid, Pearl, Pink Moscato and Coal right now.  I cannot believe how well they blend. It is insane.

On to the fun stuff.  I'm going to include individual pictures of each shade and a description that will come from Morphe's site and my own description if I feel it is needed.  Needless to say, this post will get length because of all the pictures.

So far, I am pretty impressed with these shadows. Considering how nice the texture is, I cannot get over the fact that they are only $2.  They have such a nice, creamy texture and the pigment is also great.  There are a few that come across as being a little bit patchy.  But I did not swatch these over primer, so once I apply them on my eye, that minor issue may go away.

The first few shades were difficult for me to photograph because they are so close to my natural skin color.  The differences between them are mostly due to the finish, but there are some subtle differences in color.

Each eyeshadow is 1.5g or .05 oz.

As I am going through the shade descriptions on Morphe's site, I am noticing that a lot of shades are currently sold out.  I will also include which ones are out of stock.

Cream Puff: matte soft peachy beige. This one is currently not available.

Pearl: frosty off white. Also not available.

With flash, and the little indention is my fault. =(

With flash

Crystal: creamy beige, satin finish

Crystal on left and Pearl on right, with flash.

Pink Moscato: shimmery rose-beige champagne. Currently not available.

Without flash.

With flash.

Lustrous: matte golden peachy brown. Two things: this is definitely not a matte shadow and I see a lot of pink in it. Currently unavailable. This is more of what I would have pictured as Pink Moscato. At first I thought I got them confused, but that is not the case.

Lustrous on the left and Pink Moscato on the right. With flash.

Without flash.

Wink for Pink:  soft baby pink with a pearl finish

Wink for Pink is on the far left.

Glow for Me: shimmery apricot orangey pink
With flash.

Without flash.

New Moon: shimmery, shiny pewter. This is such a gorgeous taupe. Even my mom loves it.

With flash.

Without flash.

Bridesmaid: muted rosy brown with a satin finish that is not available right now.

Cafe Macchiato: peachy brown with shimmer, velvet finish

Birthday Suit: matte soft muted beige-y taupe. Another one that isn't available at the moment.

Granite: coffee brown with bronze pearl and a velvet finish. This one sounds gorgeous!

Creme Brûlée: matte muted brown. Guess what? Not available right now.
Without flash.

With flash.

Golden Glory: shiny rust with a shimmer finish

Trouble: matte black brown

Coal: matte black

Sapphire: shimmery cobalt blue

Life in the City: blue grey with a lustre finish. This description is far from accurate. It is purple-y pink with traces of blue.

Velveteen: matte true grey

Gun Powder: shimmery deep purple grey

Dazzling: shimmery intense golden apricot, currently not available

These really are incredible.  For the quality, I would pay more. Just don't tell Morphe that. ;) I have used plenty of higher end eyeshadows that are not even this good. Fabulous job, Morphe.  I still have seven spots to fill in my palette. I know that I really want Burlesque to be one of them once it becomes available again.

I hope you guys have had a great weekend! I am getting ready to watch the Billboard Music Awards, work on some more blog posts and munch on my favorite snack, which is carrots and siracha ranch veggie dip.

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