Review Redo: Too Faced Exotic Intense Eyeshadows

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A LONG time ago, back when I had a crappy camera and my photography skills  really sucked, I reviewed the then newly released Too Faced Exotic Intense Eyeshadows.  I had forgotten all about them until I started organizing my closet. I felt like I was reunited with a long lost friend. Copper Peony was my bff back in the day.  I was not aware that Too Faced still sold these. But I was happily mistaken. They are on sale right now for $16.20 on Too Faced's website. If you want to pick them up (you should) you can do so here.

Petals to the Metal and Copper Peony

I wanted to snap some proper pictures so you guys can really see how gorgeous these eyeshadows really are.  I have two of them: Copper Peony (this one is my jam) and Petals to the Metal.  Copper Peony is a stunning shimmering golden copper, almost a rose gold. *drool* And Petals to the Metal is a brown/blue duo chrome with green and blue glitter. If you do not like shimmer and shine, these will not be the eyeshadows for you.
Copper Peony

Petals to the Metal

The texture of Copper Peony is smooth, but due to the glitter in Petals to the Metal, it feels more rough.  However, it still applies nicely. They do not crease or fade, they blend well, and do all the things a good eyeshadow should do.  However, they do kick up some powder in the pan, but I haven't had issues with fallout. The packaging is  little "blah," but it is still cute.  It is a small, black plastic compact shaped like a flower.  There is a transparent circle on the top that allows you to see the color.

I don't know if they are discontinuing these or not, but I wouldn't be shocked considering they are on sale. Either way, you need to at least buy Copper Peony. I mean just look at it.

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