The Two Things You Need for the Best Face Masque

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Rose water and Ghassoul Lava Clay. Never heard of Ghassoul clay? Yeah, me neither.  At least not until two weeks ago.  Marie Claire had an article about a woman who tried it and the results were amazing. So I Googled the products she used and bought them.  And it was not expensive, plus shipping was crazy fast.  Fast as in I ordered on Saturday and had the products on Monday. And I didn't pay extra for it to be shipped that quickly.

Now for some information about this clay. For starters, you may also see it as Rhassoul clay.  This particular clay comes from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.  It has long been used by Moroccan women  to cleanse the skin and is even great for your hair as it acts as a shampoo and reduces dandruff. I have not used it in my hair yet, but I am curious to see if it will help (or agitate) my sebhorric dermatitis. When used on the skin, it moisturizes the skin while also getting rid of dead skin and help with oiliness.  It sounds the ideal beauty product.

I purchased the rose water and clay powder by Elma and Sana.  They have their own site, but I used Amazon since I had to other something else anyway.  I got both products for just over $20.  Not shabby. The power is $11.99 for 8 oz and the rose water is $10.99 for 4 oz.  Figuring out the exact amount of each to use is a science that I have not quite figured out yet.  But you just take some of the clay powder and add enough rose water to make a paste that easily spreads on the skin. It takes a little work, but it is worth it.  Once applied, let it sit for about 15-20 minutes. Or until your face feels like it will fall off. Seriously. Once this dries, you won't be able to move your face until you rinse it off with WARM water.  To remove it, I drench a washcloth with warm water and hold it against an area on my face for a few seconds.  Then I gently scrub until it all comes off. I repeat this all over my face until it is gone and radiant, clearer skin is revealed.
This is the amount of clay powder I used for just my nose and chin.

And I added a bit too much rose water. Lol. 

I can tell a difference as soon as I remove the mask.  My skin feels smoother and looks brighter.  But the best part is  how it works on pimples.  Over the weekend, I had three deep pimples on my chin. You know the kind you can barely see but feel like they are as big as Mr. Everest? And hurt like the dickens? Those kind.  I applied this mask on Saturday might all over my face.  On Sunday morning, the pimples were a lot smaller, but still there.  Sunday night, I applied just over my chin. On Monday, two of the pimples are gone and one is almost gone.

It is also great for blackheads.  It just sucks them right on out. Not literally, of course. But it draws out the impurities and makes them look a lot smaller.  I like using it as a makeshift pore strip. It is much more effective than the actual pore strips.

I have used the clay and rose water together four times and have had no issues with sensitivity or irritations of any kind.  You don't have to use the rose water.  Lavender water is also an option, or you can just use filtered water.  I have enjoyed using the rose water because of the pleasant scent and it has its own benefits.  If you do get the rose water, you may run out of it fairly quickly.  I have already used about half of the bottle. But I have also used it four times in a week and a half (two full masques, one chin spot treatment and one nose spot treatment.) Oh, and my mom has used it once. But it does take a fair amount to get the clay to a point where it is easy to smooth over the face.  I'll link the two products and Marie Claire article below if you are curious.

I really wish that I had taken some before and after shots.  Honestly, I was a skeptic and didn't expect to see any kind of real improvements. Obviously I was wrong.  Also, Elma and Sana has a few pre-made gift sets with the clay powder and rose water that you can get on Amazon or directly from their site.
This is what my skin looked like this morning. Hello dark circles, redness and smeared mascara. Btw, that redness is almost always there. It is not caused by the masque.

If you love a good mud masque, this is a great option to try.  It is less expensive than many other options out there, and it provides results.

Marie Claire Article
Elma and Sana Rose Water
Ghassoul Clay
Elma and Sana Site

Of course there are various other sellers of Ghassoul clay. I went with Elma and Sana because that is what I saw being used.  Their products are organic, certified by Ecocert, and they do claim to not test on animals.  I am going to try and remember to include whether or not a product is cruelty free from now on.  I know that is an important factor for many people when choosing to buy a product.

I hope this post is cohesive.  I haven't been sleeping well lately and my coffee has not kicked in yet.  I hope you enjoy this post and I will be back soon with a preview post for the new Rimmel London lip balms.  Have a fabulous Wednesday!

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