Almay's New Intense i-color Everyday Neutrals for Blue Eyes Review and Swatches

9:00 AM

While browsing Walgreens the other day, I noticed Almay had these new eyeshadow trios. I have not heard or seen anything about these, so it was a nice surprise. I cannot find them on any website, not even Almay's.  I am assuming they just revamped the packaging for the previous Intense i-color trios, and I approve.  I can't say if the have re-done the formula with 100% certainty.  I have only used the older version once, but I do like the updated version better.

They have three different trios for each eye color: everyday neutrals, party, and another that I cannot remember.

The shades in this trio are perfect for enhancing blue eyes.  The lid shade is a beautiful copper, the crease shade is a chocolate brown, and the highlight is a shimmering champagne. The three shades pair perfectly together for a quick and polished look. I am all for being creative, but sometimes a girl just feels lazy. Or only has 10 minutes to get ready. It happens to the best of us. This trio is perfect for such instances.

I was pleasantly shocked by how lovely the texture is.  They are soft and smooth, but somewhat dense. Meaning that they are not powdery at all and they pack on pretty well.  Also, the brown shade blends like a dream, which is perfect since it is meant to be used in the crease.  The wear time is decent. I wore them out yesterday, and I did experience some fading and minor creasing. But it was humid and 90 degrees out. Plus I was doing a lot of moving.  I have also worn these around the house all day, and they didn't budge.

I love the new packaging. It basically is just a giant version of the intense i-color shadow softies. It is larger than what the old trios came in, and the eyeshadows look a bit larger, too. But that could very well be my mind playing tricks on me. It is easy to get a brush in the pan, and the palette stands out because of the tear drop shape. The packaging consists of sturdy plastic and snaps shut, so I feel that this would be a safe one to travel with. It also comes with one of the annoying sponge tip applicators, but the way it fits in the palette is pretty nifty.

I love this trio as a basic everyday staple and I think they are worth trying out.  I believe I paid right at $9 for it and so far I have only seen it at Walgreens. I have another one that I will be reviewing and swatching later on in the week.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. This looks amazing may have to get my hands on this !

    1. I am pleasantly shocked by how nice they are. I hope you can find them. I know down here I haven't seen them in many places.


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