Beautiful Skin Series: Facial Mists Made Simple

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Facial mists have increased in popularity over the last year or so, and with good reason.  I am fairly new to them, but  I understand what all of the fuss is about.  I love using them in the summer because the weather can get pretty gross in Atlanta.  I have oily skin, and a traditional moisturizer can be a bit heavy during the day. Facial mists fill in that gap. They are a fantastic way to cool off your skin while providing it with hydration and ingredients it will love.

How I Use Them:
I will use one after cleansing morning and night. A lot of times, I will use one in the place of moisturizer prior to applying makeup because a lot of moisturizers can make my skin look greasy.  I will also spritz some after working out and throughout the day if I get really hot or my skin seems agitated. Plus a mist of cold liquid will wake you up if you get a little tired and groggy.

What They Do:
Facial mists have a wide array of functions depending on what kind you get. Almost all of them provide a quick boost of hydration.  They also set your makeup, brighten your skin, ease irritation, and get rid of redness. So yeah, you kind of need to invest in one.  They are available in all budgets and many, many brands offer them.  I've only tried four of them so far, but I have already found a couple of favorites in my small collection. Although all of them are great options.

1.) Mario Badesco Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater is my current favorite because it works the best and I can see/feel the best results with it. I spritz it on when my skin feels tight or a little stressed, and it immediately feels better. I also notice that my skin looks brighter and it absorbs quickly, nor does it mess up your makeup. You can even use it on your hair to prevent frizz and give dry hair some extra moisture, which my curly hair always needs. Plus the light rose scent it is amazing. It is budget friendly, too. A 2 oz bottle is $5 and a 4 oz one is $7. It is suitable for all skin types. I've seen conflicting reports on whether or not Mario Badescu is cruelty free. But the particular bottle I have states they do not test on animals. You can learn more about this mist on Mario Badescu's site. You can also find it at Nordstrom and Ulta.

2.) Caudalie's Beauty Elixir is in a tie for first place, and is second simply because it is not as budget friendly. A 1 oz bottle is $18 and the 3.4 oz is $49, but it is well worth the money. It is described as a hybrid of a toner and serum mist. It contains essential oils, tightens the pores, and stimulates circulation.  You definitely get the most skincare punch with this one.  And it feels like a breath mint for your skin. It feels and smells divine. I feel a slight tingle right after spraying this, but it quickly goes away. It also absorbs almost immediately. Be careful when handling this one, though. It is made of glass. You can learn more about this fabulous product here and here.

3.) The Body Shop's Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz is the first spray that I bought, and it is best for full skin.  If brightening is your goal, this is the one you should try first. I've never had a problem with dullness, so it didn't do a lot for me other than waking me up a little.  It did make my skin more hydrated, but not as much as the other products I have talked about. It is $19 for 3.3 oz, but The Body Shop is always running some kind of sale.  The Body Shop is cruelty, but is owned by L'Oreal. You can check it out here.

4.) Pixi by Petra Glow Mist with Propolis and Argan Oil is one of the newest facial mists available.  It has 13 oils (including argan oil), propolis (product obtained from bee hives), aloe, and fruit extracts.  This particular mist is designed to nourish, hydrate, and product the skin. And it does just that.  This is the one I gravitate to after cleansing in the morning as it softens my skin, but doesn't feel heavy. I try not to use an actual moisturizer in the morning during the summer because they are so thick. This is a great remedy for that.  I don't care for the scent because I am not a fan of the way argan oil smells. It isn't bad, just not my cup of tea. This one is $15 for 2.70 oz. You can get this lovely mist from Pixi's site or from the second most dangerous store (Sephora being the first), Target.
Pixi is cruelty free.

Not one of these have caused irritation or breakouts.  They soothe my skin, keep it soft, and are like a coffee break for your skin.

How do you feel about facial mists and what are your favorites? Or do you think they are completely pointless? I would love to hear your take.

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