Maybelline Baby Lips Lipgloss Review and Swatches

7:30 AM

Good morning, everyone! I hope you have had a great week so far. I am sorry I have been absent more so this week than usual. I have been focusing more on my health this week, and I am feeling pretty fantastic right now. I actually woke up in a good mood and had a good amount of energy. I set my clock for 45 minutes earlier than usual, and I actually got up at that time. Normally I would just shut off my alarm and go back to sleep because I would not feel well rested. Not so today. Anyways, I am here to talk lip gloss.

I ordered two shades last week because I just gave up finding them in store. These glosses come in three different varieties: the shimmers, the jellies, and the creams. Both of the ones I got are jellies. The shades I got are Pink Pizazz and Coral Craze. Pink Pizazz is a baby pink and Coral Craze is kind of an orangey coral. It is hard to say because the shades are basically clear once applied to the lips. So there is one reason why they lose some points with me. I understand and even enjoy some sheerness, but I would like to actually SEE the color and be able to distinguish between shades.  You can just barely do that between these two. They do give the lips a nice, subtle glossy finish. That I do appreciate. I am not one for an intense shine.

Unlike the lack of pigment, the texture is really good. I won't even lie; I was expecting them to not be so good in this area. They don't feel too sticky or goopy. Actually, they feel pretty nice when applied. The gloss instantly feels moisturizing and it doesn't suck moisture out of the lips. And being that they have vitamin E in them, I'd hope not. Now to the second downside: the staying power. It is not the best, even by a glosses standard. I am doing good to get a solid hour of wear time before the glossiness goes away, because there certainly isn't any color to fade.  But it is a gloss and they tend not to stick around very long to begin with. I can forgive that aspect. However, they do live my lips feeling hydrated after wearing off.  That is saying something considering my lips can feel like Sahara at times. Good job, Maybelline.

I do find myself reaching for these a lot when I am at home because they are an easy way to add some quick hydration when my lips feel parched and they do not leave my lips feeling even more dry. I also keep them in purse at all times for the same reason. They are easy to reach for and apply quickly if I don't feel like dealing with lipstick or a more pigmented gloss.

Are these perfect? Definitely not. Are they bad? They are not that either. I may end up buying a couple of more. You know, just to try out the different formulations of it. Not like I need anymore lip gloss.

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