Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick in Clay Crush

2:49 PM

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I'm sorry for being a bit MIA over the last week. I've been focusing more on my health and meal planning, which requires a lot of work. But I am back with a quick, concise review and swatches for you guys!

The Maybelline Matte lippies are everything a matte lipstick should be. And this is coming from someone who used to hate matte anything. Maybelline created quite a buzz by releasing 10 new shades for their matte line. I have a couple of shades from when they first introduced the line, and I really liked them. Of the 10 new shades, Clay Crush is the only one that captured my attention.

Clay Crush is a unique shade for me as I am not used to wearing brownish lip colors. And now that I have started, I cannot seem to stop wearing them.  The color of Clay Crush is along the lines of terra cotta, but not quite as orange. It looks more brown on me once applied than it does swatched.

The formula is amazing, perfection really, as far as matte lipsticks go. It applies like butter and feels velvety smooth. Unlike a lot of matte lip colors, it doesn't leave my lips feeling dried out. Even after hours of wear. Speaking of which, it stays on really well. I get roughly 5-6 hours of wear before noticing any kind of fading. It doesn't settle into fine lines nor does it accentuate dry patches.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you need to pick a few shades up. They are budget friendly, come in gorgeous shades, and the quality is great

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  1. Love this color! I will definitely have to check out all the others ones. I'm always on the hunt for great matte lipsticks.

    1. You definitely need to check these out, then. =) I think they might be my favorite formula of matte lipsticks because they don't feel drying.


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