Rimmel Show Off Matte Lip Velvet in Atomic Rose Review and Swatches

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I can never go in Target without walking through the beauty section. And I have to give my local Target major props for drastically improving the appearance and stock of their beauty items. Great job, guys!

Anyways, it was during one such trip last week that I saw the new Rimmel Show Off Lip Velvets. I have heard zero buzz about them, so I was a little shocked to see them.  The display only had a few shades remaining and I picked out Atomic Rose. I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

It comes in five shades: Atomic Rose, Meteoric Matte (vampy berry), Orange-ology, Burning Lava (red), and Apollo (nude).

What Rimmel Says (per their website):

  • Weightless liquid colour with a velvety smooth finish
  • Earth-shattering intense colour stays true for up to 8 hours
  • Moisturizing formula instantly increases lip moisture by 31%*
  •  Clinical test results on 30 subjects
What I Say:

Atomic Rose is not rosy at all.  On me, it looks kind of like a toned down shade of terra cotta.  That sounds horrible, but I love the way it looks.  I don't own anything like it, and I love that it has a little bit of brown in it.

With flash.

Without flash.

The formula is also nice, which I wasn't expecting.  It applies smoothly and I have had no problem with feathering.  The texture isn't heavy, and it actually feels more like a lip stain than a liquid lipstick. I do notice that it settles into lines quite a bit, but it doesn't suck all of the moisture out of my lips like many matte lip products do.  It lasts a long time, too. I found that it lasted 7 hours on me, and could have gone longer.  That is just the average amount of time I wear lipsticks before removing them for the night.

When you first apply it, there is a shine.  But it quickly dries down to a matte finish.
All that Rimmel promised with this product is what I have experienced.

I haven't noticed any weird or lingering scents, and the doe foot applicator rocks.  There is on oval shaped indention on the applicator that holds the product and makes application a cinch. As for the packaging, it looks like a mini version of the regular Show Off Lip Lacquers, which amazingly I do not own.  The texture is close to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, but they have a wider variety of shades.

I have seen these at Target and Walmart, but not at drugstores just yet.  I think I paid around $5 for them.

I think it is worth picking up a shade or two to try out.  I love Atomic Rose and I am also testing out Meteoric Matte, which is a dark berry shade.  I have noticed that Meteoric Matte is a lot more drying than Atomic Rose. I will be getting a review of that shade up later this week.

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  1. I noticed this when you posted it on instagram... OMG it makes me want to go out and get it! i love long lip glosses and such. I'm not one to re-apply or fuss when it comes to make up, want it on and don't want to touch it later kinda deal. Thanks for sharing a great in-depth review. I will have to check these out they sound amazing !

    1. I used to not be a fan of long wearing lip products, but now they are all I wear! It is nice to not have to bother reapplying. For the price, I think the Rimmel Lip Velvets are pretty nice. I hope you like them, too. =)


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