Swatches and First Impressions of the Beauty and the Beast Collection at Walgreens

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I am sure that buy now you are aware of the Disney collections done by e.l.f. and SoHo. They are basally every girls dream, and they just seem to get better.  I haven't been able to find any of the previous Disney Princess collections at my local Walgreens' stores, but one had the Belle items and I nearly shrieked with joy. Belle is my absolute favorite because we are a lot alike.

I bought quite a bit from the collection, with the exception of the nail polishes.  They just didn't do anything for me. I am going to share a few swatches with you so you can see what the products really look like.

First is the An Enchanted Tale Beauty Book. I own a few of these from previous collections (some Disney themed and some not), but this one is by far the prettiest. It has the most wearable shades and I love the design. Going with an artistic drawing of Belle rather than a screenshot from the movie was a fantastic idea on e.l.f's part. For $12.99, you get 7 eyeshadows (6 neutrals and one beautiful pale blue), a blush, bronzer, two eyeliners,a lip gloss, and an eyeshadow brush. Not a sponge, an actual full size brush. Thank you e.l.f. for that.  It also has a mirror and two pictorials. The quality is on point. The eyeshadows are gorgeous, but the shades are fairly similar.  You will notice that they all are in the copper family, with the exception of the light blue.  The quality of the blush and bronzer are quite nice, too.  They are a bit patchy, but not bad, and they are really soft.  The real kicker here are the two eyeliners.  Most of the time, cheap eyeliners have the worst texture. They are rough and do not apply smoothly. That is not the case with these two. They are really smooth, but they are kind of hard to apply.  I have long fingers, and the liners are really small, which presents a bit of a problem.  The lip gloss is a beautiful shade of red that is mostly opaque and has some slight shimmer. It doesn't feel thick or tacky, so I anticipate that it will feel nice once applied to the lips.

Next up is the eyeshadow compact, which houses some beautiful shades. There is a mix of some coppery shades with some jewel tones thrown in.  They shadows are mostly shimmery, but there are a couple of mattes. This palette was $6.99.

I don't need another face palette, but an inexpensive one with cute packaging won't hurt.  Plus it is rare to find a face palette at this price point. This includes everything you need: a bronzer, blush, and a highlighter.

The collection also includes two cream eyeshadows/eyeliners called Belle and Beast.  The shades are very similar. Belle is a lovely copper, while Beast looks a little more bronze. They are $4.99 each. These are GORGEOUS!

The collection also includes a few shades of lip balm, and I bought the shade Strawberry Spell, which is a light pink.  The texture isn't too bad. it isn't too thick, and it does feel moisturizing. Each shade as different images etched on it in gold.  This is not made by e.l.f, but it is distributed by a company called Townley. Each lip balm is $1.99.

In addition to the lip balm, e.l.f. released four shades of lip gloss.  I got the shade Belle (of course), and it is a peachy pink. They are $2.99 each.

And last but not least are the SoHo bags, which are too stinking cute. They come in a few different varieties. Some of the drawings of Belle, while others have shots from the movie. I only got one of the bags, and it has one of the drawings on it.

This is a really nice collection, and if you are a Disney fanatic, you need to pick up a few pieces.  I haven't tried out everything, but I am pleased with what I am seeing so far.

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