Beauty FYI: The Budget Friendly Answer to The Original MakeUp Eraser

10:56 AM

I have been curious about the Makeup Eraser since it started making its rounds on Instagram. I'll spend $60 on some eyeshadows, but I cannot quite bring myself to spend $20 on something that is basically just a fancy washcloth.

Well, a couple of nights ago I was snooping through the skincare aisle of Wal-Mart and saw a set of three microfiber cloths for less than $4. I actually think they were even less than $3. Anyways, since they were so cheap, I went ahead and bought them.  This much cheaper option is called Always Off Makeup Cloths.  Naturally I did not have very high expectations, but they actually are not bad at all.

I tried one of them out (there are three in a set) and I was pretty satisfied with the results.  First of all, they felt really gentle on my skin, a thousand times softer than any regular wash cloth. That alone is a huge plus. It did a really nice job at removing eye makeup. It didn't tug at all, but I had to go ever each eye twice to remove all of my mascara and liner.  Same thing for the rest of my face. I am probably a bit more heavy handed with foundation that the average girl you see walking around, so it took about three or four times to get everything off. But it did get everything off. I almost always double cleanse, so I followed with my usual cleanser, which is safe to use with these cloths.

If you wear the bare minimum (tinted moisturizer, mascara, lip gloss) these will likely work great for you.

I have never used the Makeup Eraser before, so I cannot make any comparisons between the two. I have no doubt that the Makeup Eraser is made better than these and may even work better. It has some pretty great reviews on Sephora, by the way.  The Always Off cloths are pretty thin, and from what I have seen, the original version is very plush. Just a few things to keep in mind.

I don't know the dimensions of The Original MakeUp Eraser, but I am pretty certain that it is larger.  The dimensions of the Always Off Makeup Cloths are 6" x 12" or 15.2 cm x 30.5 cm, which is plenty big for me because I have a small face.

If you have always been curious about The Original MakeUp Eraser but do not want to dish out the money for it, these could be worth trying. Hey, they are probably cheaper than your daily cup of coffee. No judgement, I too am a Starbucks fiend. Well, a reformed fiend.  I don't go anywhere near as much as I used to. But that isn't the point. The point is that for the cheap price, these cloths are not half bad. In fact, I rather like them so far.  I haven't washed them yet, so if they happen to unravel or change in any way, I will update this post and let you guys know. =)

I hope you all have a happy Friday! I will be back shortly with a lovely and seemingly simple FOTD.

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