Happy Belated National Lipstick Day! Here Are Some of My Favorites:

10:16 PM

It should be declared a federal holiday. For real. Lipstick is an amazing thing that can so easily convey what kind of mood you are in, which I think is pretty darn amazing.  So in honor of this amazing day I have narrowed down my rather large stash to some of 10 current favorite lippies.

And get ready for lots of pictures and swatches. This post is also about an hour late. My camera battery went dead and I decided to do this post last minute. I know, poor planning on my part.

1.) Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick
I used to hate matte lips, but now they are my jam. The Kat Von D variety is probably my favorite at the moment. I have three full size and a couple of smaller ones. The full size ones are L.U.V, Bauhau5, and Bachelorette. Sadly, Bachelorette ran away for the time being and I am quite upset about it.  There are many reasons why they are so great. The colors are vibrant, they stay put all day long, the applicator is perfect, the opacity, smoothness, etc... Plus they are by Kat, who by definition is amazing.
L.U.V. and Bauhau5

L.U.V. and Bauhau5

2.) Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick in Clay Crush is one of the newest additions to my collection. This formulation is quite possibly the best in the world of drugstore beauty. It is not drying, the pigment is wonderful, it is opaque, and the texture is smooth.

3.) Lime Crime's Centrifuschia
This isn't a shade that I wear very often, but I love it nonetheless. If you want a gorgeous pop of intense, bright pink on your lips, you need this in your life. Like a liquid matte lipstick, it stays on me all day long. Plus the tube is just awesome. Sparky unicorns? Yes, please.

Centrifuschia and Lumiere

4.) NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan is yet another matte favorite of mine. I know these have been a favorite of many bloggers for quite sometime, but I just started using it a few months ago.  It is some seriously good stuff and it gives more pricey items a run for their money. It feels so comfortable when applied and Milan is the perfect everyday shade for me. I need to branch out and get some more shades. Oh, and then there are the new Liquid Suede liquid lipsticks to try out.

Milan, Centrifuschia, Lumiere

5.) M.A.C Steam Heat from the Wash and Dry Collection became a quick favorite because it wasn't too red or too orange for me. It looks great on and the texture is perfection.  Since it is limited edition, I use is sparingly and save it for days I am feeling especially confident and bold.

Steam Heat, Julianne's Nude

6.) Colour Pop Lumiere Lippie Pencil is a cult favorite of all Colour Pop fanatics like myself. It is such a stunning unique color that looks very different on everyone. On me, it looks like a mauve-y brown.

Lumiere, L.U.V. Bauhau5

7.) The Body Shop's Colour Crush Lipstick in 115 (Enraptured Red) is one of the most flattering reds in my collection, second behind Hourglass' Icon.  It is affordable and made by a great company. It feels nice on my lips and stays on a long time. If you are in need of a matte red, give this one a try.

Enraptured Red, Steam Heat, Julianne's Nude

8.) L'Oreal Paris Julianne's Nude is one of the few nude lipsticks that I find flattering on me. The vast majority just don't look right and wash me out. Not this one. The color is simplistic, yet gorgeous. The formula is creamy and smooth. And the price is right.

9.) It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush in Je Nais Se Quois is a nifty little lipstick. Well, more like lip balm because it is more moisturizing than your typical lipstick. It looks clear in the tube, but once applied, it becomes your own perfect shade of rosy pink.
Je Nais Se Quoi, Clay Crush, Milan

I can't believe I was able to narrow the list down to nine shades. I am way too proud of that. Lol

What are some of your favorite lipsticks? I would love to hear!

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