Milani Matte Amore Lip Creme Review and Swatches

2:05 PM

Yup. It is true. Milani has jumped on the matte liquid lipstick trend, much to the extreme happiness of pretty much every makeup hoarder in existence. They technically are not supposed to be released until sometime in August. But some Walgreens already have them out. Oh, and apparently they are only exclusive to Walgreens.  I picked up two shades: Lust and Embrace. I still cannot believe that one of my local stores actually had them out. That pretty much never happens.

 They are $6.99 and there are 8 lovely shades. Sadly, these are also limited edition. Which means if you see them and really want the, don't hesitate because they will be gone in a flash.

Lust is a beautiful dusty rose while Embrace is a dark, vampy shade of berry.


I have been kind of obsessed with matte liquid lipsticks lately, and so far, these are my favorite. They are insanely pigmented and opaque, so one layer is all you need. The finish is about as matte as a lipstick can get, but they do not suck all of the moisture out of my lips.  At the end of the day, I usually experience some drying and slight discomfort from matte lippies. It seems Milani figured something out that the others do not know. I applied one of the shades around 10:30 and an 8 pm, I had the sudden realization that my lips did not feel like the Sahara and the color had not budged at all. At that point, I realized how these lip cremes are essentially matte perfection.  I just may have to go back and get a couple more shades. You know because I NEED another lipstick in my collection.
Right after application.

After one minute.



Lust is my favorite of the two, not only in color, but also in texture and application. Embrace is a bit patchy and tends to accentuate dry spots a lot more. Also, it seems to "migrate" more. Nothing serious and certainly not bad enough to pass on it. However, I did not have any of these problems with Lust. And I even applied lip balm before application. Both shades take a minute or to dry completely, but when they do, you are left with a flawless, beautiful matte lip. These lip cremes stay on all day with no problem, so retouching your lipstick is one less worry for the day.


With the exception of Embrace's flaws, the matte lip cremes are pretty amazing. I have been wearing Embrace for a few hours now, and we have made peace. It doesn't feel drying and the color is starting to grow on me.

I absolutely think these are worth checking out.

In other news, I really need to go get my hair done. My roots are really starting to show. It is common knowledge that I hate getting my nails done, and the same goes for my hair. But I love the color so much, so I am going to keep it up

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