Wal-Mart Haul! It is Way Better Than It Sounds

7:19 AM

In the wee hours of the morning, my mom and I decided to go to Wal-Mart. We were wide awake and there was a few things we needed. Hello, avocado fries and quinoa mac and cheese. Yummy. We went to a different location than usual, and it made all of the difference. The Locust Grove store has the best cosmetic department that I have ever seen at Wal-Mart or any drugstore. It was clean, organized, and they had all of the newest products. Some that I didn't even know existed and that I have not been able to find at other stores. I was like a kid in a candy store. Plus the employees were surprisingly kind and friendly. We were there at 2 am. People tend to be a little moody at that time. And understandably so.  Anywho, on to the good stuff. =)

I also used my phone to take the pictures for this post. I didn't feel like wanting for my DSLR to finish charging. I'll save the good pictures for the actual product reviews.

Painted Veil

Rock Candy

I got two more packs of the Kiss Gel Fantasy Ready to Wear Gel Nails. I love these things. They last about a week to a week and half on me. I HATE getting my nails done, but I love the finished product. This is an easy way for me to get  the look of salon nails without the cost, time, and I don't have to deal with strange people touching me. It is one of my quirks. I got the styles Rock Candy and Painted Veil.

Apparently Wet n Wild has a contour palette?? This was news to me as I had never seen it before. Obviously I had to buy it. And it was less than $4. Winning.  I picked the shade Dulce de Leche, which looks like it would be good for fairer skin tones. They also had two darker shades.

I have seen the Hard Candy Plumping Serum lipsticks before, but because the displays were usually horrendous, I ignored them. But this display was the picture of perfection. On a whim, I picked out Idolized. It appears to be a purple-y, maybe type of shade. For some reason, that one drew me in.

I also picked up a few Rimmel products. I have been using two of their mascaras and love them. So why not branch out a little? The first thing I got was the Wake Me Up Concealer.  Supposedly, it has an "anti-fatigue effect + radiant glow." Sounds like what I need after a long night. This next product I have never seen nor heard of before. It is Rimmel's Good to Glow highlighter. I saw three different shades and I went with one called "Picadilly Glow." It has a pinky tone to it. There was also one with more of a vanilla tone and one that was more bronze. The last Rimmel product that I purchased was the Stay Blushed Liquid Cheek Tint in Pop of Pink. I have heard of this one, but I have never seen it on shelves until tonight. The bottle is so tiny and cute.

Last but not least is the new Maybelline Bronze BB. And I just realized that I got the completely wrong shade. Like the darkest shade they make. Lol. It was in the section the lightest shade was supposed to be in and I had been driving for a long time, so I didn't think to check. But me being me, I am going to try to make it work. I don't make a habit of going to the Wal-Mart 10 minutes away from my house (which doesn't even sale it), let alone one that is twenty minutes away and in a much more crowded part of a town. Basically, Wal-Mart gets on my nerves. I was going to mix it with my foundation anyway, so we shall see what happens in a few minutes. At best, I will just have a nice, summer glow. At worst, I will just have to suck up going back to Wal-Mart.

Anyways, I am off to go try out some of this stuff and get my day started. I am hoping that Target or Books a Million has a few copies left of "Go Set a Watchman" because I just have to read it. I also need to replace my copy of "To Kill a Mockingbird" as it is quite worn. It was one of the books that I actually loved reading in high school.

I hope you have a great day!

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