Wet n Wild Venice Beach Collection: Boardwalk Boozing Color Icon Palette

6:15 PM

If you are on Instagram, you have likely seen the Venice Beach Collection and all of its vibrant, fun glory. I have never seen a drugstore brand launch such brightly colored eyeshadows.  Naturally, your first thought would be that these are crap eyeshadows. But if my first impressions are accurate, that is not quite the case. Sure, there are some downfalls, but nothing too serious.

Rather than doing one humongous first impressions post, I decided to break it down: one for each of the three palettes and one for the glosses. I believe there are some eye pencils and polishes, too. Sadly, my Walgreens had neither of those items. Boo. I really wanted those eye pencils.

Boardwalk Boozing has 8 brilliantly bold shades that are not for the faint of heart. And can we talk about the name of the palette? I don't know about you, but I often think more about teenagers using Wet n Wild, so the fact that "boozing" is in the name is a bold step. Albeit a pretty cool bold step. And that is coming from someone who doesn't drink alcohol.

This palette includes a vibrant yellow, coral red, bright pink, medium blue, light grey, yellow green, emerald green, and a shade along the lines of red violet. All of the shades are matte with the exception of the grey, red violet, and yellow green. They have a little shimmer to them.

The quality seems to be fairly good, especially considering the price. My swatches are not over primer, so the pigment is actually quite good for a drugstore brand. The eyeshadows are also very smooth, but do feel dense. Some of the shades appear to be a little chalky and...fragile?  When swatching the blue and pink shades, some small pieces fell out. Not just a little bit of powder, actual pieces of shadow. It didn't leave any dents nor cause a big mess, so it is not a big deal.
I normally don't wear bright eyeshadows, but I cannot wait to play around with these. And see what kind of looks I get from people. Where I live, the vast majority of women don't wear makeup. So this should be fun. Lol. All in all, this seems like a lovely palette. If you are a lover of bright eyeshadow, this one is worth trying out. It is very budget friendly, which is a great bonus. But hurry. This is a limited edition collection and I am sure it will sell fast. It is available at Walgreens.

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