Anastasia Beverly Hills Shadow Couture World Traveler Palette Review and Swatches

8:04 PM

From the second this palette began making appearances on Instagram, I knew that I had to have it. I mean have you seen Pink Champagne and Morocco?? You need them in your life ASAP.  I had to choose between the Naked Smoky and this palette. ABH won out because of the shade selection and the price. Again, have you seen Pink Champagne and it's shimmering gorgeous-ness?

For $30 you get 12 gorgeous eyeshadows.  I have never tried ABH shadows before, so that was extra motivation for choosing this palette.

1st Row Shades:
Soft Peach: matte, um, soft peach. It is the perfect name.
Morocco: matte burnt orange
Heirloom: matte eggplant with pink sparkle
Bellini:metallic golden peach
Pink Champagne: metallic rose gold
Chic: metallic beige with silver glitter

2nd Row Shades:
Spoiled: peach gold microglitter
Fudge: matte red toned medium brown
Azure:shimmery navy
Intense Gaze: metallic copper
Metallic: metallic gold
Noir: matte black

This palette has a stunning collection ranging from neutrals to jewel tones. All of the shades have a nice texture and most of them have nice pigment.  The worst shade of the bunch is Chic, which is a huge disappointment because it looks so darn pretty in the palette. But when applied on the lid, it is so very blah. It also takes some build up to even make it noticeable.  It can make a lovely inner corner highlight, though.  Another "blah" one is Fudge because it looks so rich and dreamy, but you get kind of a "wah wah wah" feeling. Bummer.
Soft Peach, Morocco, Heirloom, Bellini, Pink Champagne, Chic

Spoiled, Fudge, Azure, Intense Gaze, Metallic, Noir

The texture of the shadows is nice overall. They are soft and easy blend, but still have some density. The best performing shades of the bunch are the metallics, which is pretty much the case in any palette.  They are buttery smooth, they are pigmented, they are long lasting, etc... The same can be said for most of the matte shades.  Fudge can be a little patchy, but it is still workable. None of the other matte shades have this issue.  All of the shades blend very well and I haven't had much of an issue with fallout. When worn over a primer, I did not experience any issues with fading and creasing. If I do not wear a primer, I do notice some slight fading and creasing, but it isn't bad and occurs after several hours.  I live in Georgia, where the heat and humidity are bonkers, so creasing/fading comes with the territory.

Now for the packaging. It isn't anything special, but it is still nice.  It is made out of sturdy cardboard and has a magnetic closure. The outside has gold and black design that looks luxurious.  There is a mirror inside, which is always an amazing thing.  Now normally, I hate brushes that come with palettes. But I have grown rather fond of the dual ended brush included in the World Traveler Palette. One end is a fluffy blending brush while the other is a dense, dome shaped brush. Both do a pretty amazing job at applying and blending eyeshadow. So kudos to Anastasia Beverly Hills for providing a good brush.

My overall opinion is that this is a nice palette that can serve for everyday neutral looks and for something more dramatic. I love it, even though there are some slight inconsistencies between the quality and pigment of the shades. That being said, I don't think this a palette that you absolutely must have, but I am glad that I got it.  I use it a lot more frequently that I would have used the Naked Smoky, so that was a good choice on my part.

I am off to sleep now. The last two days have been pretty tiring, so I need to catch up on much needed z's before tackling tomorrow. See ya'll on the next post!

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