Avoiding Life's Uncomfortable Moments With U by Kotex Liners: How to Deal When Aunt Flow Isn't Done With You

11:08 AM

 We have all been there. Mother Nature leads us into a false sense of security, so we ditch our period undies and go back to wearing our nicer ones. But she pops back up leaving you feeling gross, uncomfortable, and not like yourself.  U by Kotex Liners are a great solution for this surprise.

What do I do when this happens? Well, I am a seasoned pro at this scenario.  In previous months and years, I had classes to attend, meetings, a job, and now, I have my grandmother to take care of and errands to run on the regular.  I have some go to items to make the discomfort less of an issue.  Consider this post as a guide to help #BringComfyBack in this situation.

The first are the U by Kotex Lightdays Liners. They are a great solution for light spotting. They are ultra lightweight and thin, so you don't even know they are there.  They also spare you from yet another awkward and uncomfortable moment: the opening of pads in a public bathroom. I don't know why this is such a awful moment, but it is.  These don't come in the plastic wrappers. They just come, well, as is in the box with the little strip to protect the sticky side.  They easily fit in your purse or makeup bag, too.  To learn more about them, to get a $1 off U by Kotex liners , and have a little fun by uploading a funny pic of GIF (which is a must because you have the chance get some cool prizes), check out their website.

But the most important thing is that they give you the comfort of your favorite undies without feeling  like you are even wearing a pad.

Comfortable clothes are also a given. On days like this, I almost always wear a nice pair of black gym pants and a longer flowy shirt.  Its cute, but also very chill and easy to throw on at the last minute.



Tea or coffee.  Something about a good cup of tea or coffee just makes me feel better and more comfortable about things. Plus either one helps keep me focused on the tasks I need to complete for the day.

I am a beauty blogger, so a little bit of makeup is a must. I feel naked and not myself without a little bit on. Plus I look like the walking dead.  No one needs to see that. My must haves are a green tinted primer to conceal redness, a good foundation, a brow pencil, mascara, and lip balm. It takes less than five minutes today. I also carry a hydrating face mist to freshen up my skin and keep it from getting dry.  Nothing would make this situation much worse than dry, flaky, and uncomfortable skin.

That is how a seasoned pro does it.  I also like to listen to some uplifting tunes to keep me in a good, or at least better, mood.

To score your coupon for U by Kotex liners and to win some amazing prizes with your own funny pic or GIF, stop by the U by Kotex Liners website.

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