Drugstore Must Have: Review and Swatches of Rimmel's Natural Bronzer in Sun Light

6:22 PM

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen this bronzer quite a bit in the last week. It has managed to sneak into all of my FOTDs and won a spot in my weekly favorites post that went up on Friday night.

This has quickly become my favorite drugstore product in the history of ever.  The availability of bronzers is vast,  so there is no need to drop a ton of money on one. In fact, about $5 is all you need.

I bought this bronzer for a photo contest Influenster was doing and there were three Rimmel products you had to use. This bronzer, the ScandalEyes mascara, and a shade of the Stay Glossy lip gloss. I actually ended up loving all three, but that is a different blog post. This is the bronzer's time to shine.

The finish is matte, which is amazing. Usually matte products can be patchy,  very dry, and hard to blend out. That is happily not the case.  It applies just as well as a more expensive bronzer, maybe even better. It blends seamlessly and looks very natural, even on my fair skin. At first, it looked orange, which translates to appearing muddy. Luckily that ended up not being an issue.  However, I wouldn't recommend being heavy handed with it. Then you might have problems. But that is with any bronzer.

It is also nicely pigmented. I don't have to keep applying and blending and applying some more to get anything to show up.  You are left with a kiss of color that lasts all day and doesn't settle into pores or any fine lines.

With flash, indoor lighting

No flash, indoor lighting

The only cheap thing about this bronzer is the packaging. The plastic is pretty fragile, so I would not recommend traveling with it. At the very least, be careful with it. But you do get a lot of product, so this will last you awhile.
If you are in need of a bronzer, or are just a beauty junkie, you need to try this out. It is a wonderful budget friendly product.

I am so sorry for getting this post up this late.  I haven't gotten much sleep over the last week, on top of having some sinus problems and some fluid retention. And that is why my face looks so puffy in the above pictures.

I ended up falling asleep for two hours this evening, which means I am incredibly exhausted.

But better late than never, right?

I will see you soon!

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  1. Hello,
    I hope you got some rest/sleep and are feeling better. I just thought I'd chime in & tell you that I like Rimmel products too. Most of the one's I've tried, I like. I use their Rimmel Stay Matte powder foundation & I really like it. Its one I finally found that doesn't look cakey, fake or settle into fine lines & wrinkles. It is also well pigmented so it does a pretty good job covering minor blotchiness or marks that aren't really red. I'm pretty fair complected so I don't need to apply a lot. But, the coverage is buildable. It also blends easily/well. And, it doesn't cost much(compared to most others out there). I'm finding as I get older & starting to get lines & wrinkles, that I can't use liquid foundation any more. But its hard to find a powder foundation that will stay on most of the day or night. Another reason I like the Rimmel foundation. I tried a lot of foundations out there the past few years, trying to switch from a liquid to a powder. I'm so glad I found the Rimmel powder foundation. & I love, love, love that it doesn't cost a lot(as well as the other reasons I said, too).
    Have a great day!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Mare! I haven't tried that Rimmel product. I need to try it, though. Sometimes it is nice to have a go to powder foundation for quicker application. Thanks again for your comment. I hope you have a great day as well!


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