Just A Little Bath and Body Works Haul

7:33 PM

My local Bath and Body Works recently got a face lift. I think they re-opened last week sometime, so I had to check out. Plus I needed some new of the Scentportable refills for my car and I wanted to check out their new From The Vineyard collection. I mean soap shaped like a wine bottle? Yes, please.

The first thing I looked at were the hand soaps. There were on sale(5 for $18), but I already have a lot stockpiled at home. So I only got one....for now. I went with Black Cherry Merlot, and guys, this stuff is amazing, You need to check it out.  It smells a little more like a black cherry soda than wine. But don't let that put you off. It is divine. And the bottle is lovely, too. The lady who checked me out informed me that they have grape seed oil and olive oil, so it is good for your hands. Win win.

Their candles were buy two, get one free. That one I did take advantage of. It took me a long time to figure out which ones to get because I wanted things everyone in my house would like.  After a long and painful deliberation the three I decided on are Leaves, Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow, and Espresso Cafe. Nope, I am not ready for fall at all. Ha.

Bath and Body works has reformulated their PocketBacks. And I approve. I tried one of the testers in store and loved it. Before, they always made my hands feel a little dry. But it did not this time.  They were 5 for $6, so I had some fun.  I got Autumn Owl, which really doesn't smell that great, but I love owls.  I also bought Sonoma Sunflower Blossom, Napa Valley Sunset, Cozy Vanilla Cream (smells so good!), and Ripe Raspberry Vine.

I wanted some body sprays to use for around the house or running to the grocery store.  I figured it would help save on my perfumes.  I got three mini's, which are still a good size, for $12.

Last but not least are my Scentportables. They are on sale 4 for $10. I went with my all time favorite, Eucalyptus Mint, plus 2 Leaves, and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.

I should be pretty well set for a while. Of course they had to throw in a 20% off coupon. Luckily that does not start for another month.

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