Quick Review: Too Faced Love Flush 'Justify My Love' Review and Swatches

2:27 PM

This product is yet another example of me being sucked in by cute packaging. I am not even a big fan of blush. In fact, until I bought this one, I almost never wore it.  However, this one I like. I don't love it, but I do like it and wear it most days. I think this blush has been out for a couple of months, and I bought it as soon as it was available in store at Ulta.

It took me a few minutes to decide on a shade. In the end, I went home with Justify My Love, a bright pink with subtle hints of gold sparkle. By subtle, I mean so subtle that I can barely see them and are almost invisible on the skin. It is a lovely, classic color.

Easily my favorite thing about the blush is the pigment. These are supposed to have crazy good pigment, but they really do not have as much as I expected. Which I think is good. I don't like wearing intensely pigmented blush because it can go south really quickly. However, this blush can easily be built up to whatever intensity you prefer. I always keep in on the light side, except for today. I wanted to make sure that you could actually see it on my face.
With flash.

without flash.

Texture wise, this blush is very smooth. It applies easily and blends out well. No complaints here. I haven't noticed it settling into any pores, and I don't have any fine lines, so I cannot speak on that.

This blush claims to last 16 hours. I cannot say if that is true or not because I cannot remember ever wearing makeup for that long. I will say that it stays on for the duration I do wear it, which can range from 7-10 hours.

Now on to the packaging, which is obviously adorable. It looks like a giant candy heart. The compact matches the corresponding blush shade, so mine is a beautiful pink.  It is made of hard plastic and has  a magnetic closure.  If you travel with it, I would recommend being very careful. I can see the packaging cracking pretty easily. The blush itself is embossed with the most beautiful design. The border consists of flowers, and there are two adorable bunnies towards the bottom.

This blush is also cruelty free, gluten free, and paraben free.

Like I said, I do like this blush. I don't see myself buying another shade or repurchasing it. It isn't that there is anything wrong with it. I am just not a blush kind of girl. My face already has a natural flush, so it isn't necessary for me. These are pricey at $26. If you love blush, I think they could be worth trying. Plus they look pretty darn cute on your vanity and in an Instagram pic. ;)

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