Too Faced's Born This Way Foundation Review and Swatches

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I think this may have been the first foundation that has caused a buzz in the beauty world for quite sometime. It promises some pretty amazing things and has ingredients that are good for your skin. So why wouldn't we be excited for it? The goal of this foundation is to provide natural looking, yet flawless, medium to full coverage. "Undetectable" is the word Too Faced uses.  I have been using this foundation for the last week, which has been more than enough time for me to form my opinions about it.

This foundation is oil free, and contains coconut water for hydration, alpine rose for brightening, and hyaluronic acid for smoothness.

I had read through some reviews, and many people with oily skin had bad things to say. I have oily skin, but I can also be stubborn when I really want to try something. Plus my skin gets oily in the afternoon regardless of my foundation or mattifying primers/powder.  It sucks, but I've accepted it.

My main concern stemmed from how yellow the foundation looked.  I was scared picking out a shade, but fortunately Ivory matched perfectly. And once blended out, the yellow was not a problem. I was horrified when I first started applying it, but the yellow magically vanished and it somehow matched.

The coverage and texture of the foundation is amazing. There is no denying that. It blends out so well and does a great job at covering up redness/blemishes. I could still see them, but it covered them up a lot better than other foundations.  It does not look cakey or feel heavy, which is quite a feat for a fuller coverage foundation. It doesn't feel like you are even wearing foundation. I mostly used a Beauty Blender for application, which sheered out the foundation a little. It was build-able, but for maximum coverage, it is best to use a brush.  It looked great and felt great, too. My pores were even blurred out, which was a nice bonus.

No makeup.

Foundation only.

Full face. You can already see some shininess on my forehead. 

The packaging of the foundation is great, too. It has a very luxe feel to it. The pump is nice and appreciated. As is the frosted glass appearance of the bottle. It looks nice sitting out on the counter or on your vanity.

Sadly, that is where the pros stop for me.  The day after I first applied the foundation, my skin started to break out really badly; by far the worst breakout I have had in a very long time. I have all of these tiny little bumps on my cheeks and jawline, as well as a couple of larger, deep pimples that are just now drying out some. At first, I thought it was the Nivea Aftershave Balm I had been using as a primer. So I stopped using it. I was still breaking out.  It didn't really cross my mind that it could even be the foundation until I started reading more reviews. I was not the only oily skinned gal having this problem.  I took a closer look at my pores, and they just look so clogged and congested. It is disgusting.  And I use a clay mask twice a week, too. I just realized that nowhere does this foundation say anything about being non-comedogenic.  I am so used to products having that on their packaging, that I did not even think to check for it.

Secondly, after an hour or two after application, my skin looks like an oil slick. Even more so than it would with other foundations.  I could get away with just being dewy in most cases, but this stuff just makes my skin look disgusting after a short time.  I used a mattifying primer, setting spray, and a powder; Nothing helped.  The foundation would even start to break down a little, which I have never really experienced before. I probably could have lived with that because it does look amazing in pictures for FOTD posts, and probably even going on a quick errand. But I cannot handle the breakouts. My skin has not looked this bad in a long time.

I so desperately wanted to love this foundation, but if you have really oily, breakout prone skin, I highly recommend staying away from it.  There is a good chance that it will clog your pores and just make you look awful by the end of the day. If you have normal or drier skin, it will work a lot better for you and I think it would be worth trying out.

 I love Too Faced products and I think they are a fabulous brand, but this just did not work out for me.* Cue sad violin music.*

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  1. Oh my gosh, i will be staying away from this as i have oily skin too and break out easily. Thanks for the great and honest review xx

    An Impatient Scottish Girl

    1. You are very welcome. =) I know it has a plethora of amazing reviews, but I definitely think us oily skinned gals need to avoid it.


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