Wet n Wild Center Stage Limited Edition Collection

8:10 PM

Before walking into Walgreens, I had no idea about this collection.  In fact, I don't even know the name of it. But I went ahead and picked up two eyeshadow palettes and a mascara. A purple mascara. There is also a blue one in the collection, but I was really feeling the purple.

I have not applied any of the products yet, but I have developed some opinions based on my first swatches.

I also apologize for the less than stellar state of some of the photos. My came just did not want to work with me, no matter how many shots I took.

In Bloom is a quintet of beautiful pastel shades that make me think of spring flowers. Or Easter Eggs. Yes, Easter Eggs is more suitable.  The number one thing people will not like about this palette are the chunks of glitter, especially in the center shade.  It is less noticeable in the blue eyeshadow.  The center shade is a gold surrounded by a lavender, pale green, pastel blue, and pink.  Overall, the texture seems nice.  They are fairly soft with only a touch of grit from the glitter.  Since they are pastel shades, they are on the lighter side, but the pigment still seems decent. I expect that there will be some fallout.

I found the second palette, After Midnight, a little intimidating because it is nothing but dark, smoky shades, With glitter. Yes, more glitter. But not as bad as In Bloom.  The worst quality about this palette is the lack of pigment. Which may not be such a bad thing for me as I am a little bit frightened of shadows that look so dark.  The texture is smooth overall and doesn't kick up any powder.

Ignore the little taupe blob on the end. It is a residual swatch that won't come off.

Last but not least is the purple mascara. I played around with it a little, and was a little disappointed with it. For one, the formula seems like it will be dry and the pigment is poor. On the swatch, it took a few swipes of the wand to even see the color.

But maybe my first impressions will be wrong.

The eyeshadows are $5.99. I can't remember the exact price of the mascara, but it is in the same range.

Have you seen this collection yet?

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