Wet n Wild Limited Edition Centerstage Collection: In Bloom Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

12:04 PM

A few weeks ago, I did a post about some limited edition Wet n Wild Centerstage eyeshadows and colored mascaras.  Apparently, these are very limited because I have only seen them in one drugstore in my area, and I don't think I have even seen them in the same one sense. But I figured that I should still post a quick review post to let you my know thoughts.

In my honest opinion, the Wet n Wild Centerstage Eyeshadows are very hit and miss. Okay, mostly miss. And this palette, sadly, was not the exception.  That is such a shame because it looks beautiful in the pan.

In Bloom has five lovely pastel shades. Seriously, it looks like the entire Spring season and Easter rolled up into one palette.

The texture and pigment of the shadows are not the best, but they are not so horrible that they cannot be worked with. They are not dry, actually, they feel quite smooth. But you can feel some of the grit from the glitter. Some of the shades are worse than others in this regard. The center gold is the worst.

The sheer shades of the bunch are the gold and green. The lavender, pink, and blue are slightly more opaque and have better pigment. They swatch fairly well, but that does not transfer to the eyes. At least not for me.

I did experience some fall out, but it wasn't as bad as I expected.  However, they do kick up some powder in the pan. Especially  that darn golden shade. Ugh. The worst part was having to layer the shades to even get them to show up. Even then they were not that noticeable.  Even when worn over primer, they do fade and crease by the end of the day.

Even though this is an inexpensive product, I don't recommend it. It is not the most awful thing that I have tried, but it is "blah" and lackluster despite the beautiful pastel colors.

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