Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer Review and Swatches

2:26 PM

I have never been a fan of Benefit Cosmetics for whatever reason. However, Air Patrol is one of the most intriguing fall releases. And certainly one of the most eye catching. It is a combination BB cream/eyelid primer, so it is designed to be worn alone or under eyeshadow. I gotta say, I am loving this stuff.  The idea behind this BB cream was to protect the delicate eye area, while also helping our your eyeshadow game. We all love multifunctional, right? Of course we do.

One of my absolute favorite things about this product is that it has SPF 20, which has EnviorDefend Complex. Not only does the complex help protect the eyelids from the sun, but it has the added benefit of extending the wear time of your eyeshadow. So you get your SPF while keeping your eyeshadow on point. It is a win win.

The most unique aspect of Air Patrol is the applicator, which Benefit calls the Cushion Calm Tip. This applicator is designed to be even more gentle than your little finger and it reduces the pressure applied to your eyes.  It does feel amazing and helps reduce stress. I use it to directly apply the product and smudge it all over the lid. To make sure it blends seamlessly, I still have to use a finger or my Beauty Blender. As you can see, it does get dirty. I usually keep mine wiped off for that reason.

Air Patrol does have a yellow tone to it, but it blends right into my eyelid. The fact that it is yellow really helps to conceal any veins or discolorations. I actually keep this in my gym bag. There is a Publix and CVS right beside my gym, so if I need to get something after a workout, I just apply a little bit of this to help me look a little less gross and more put together. It looks natural and blends seamlessly into my skin. It doesn't cover everything up completely, but it certainly helps.

After. And it is definitely time for me to fix my eyebrows. Geez.

As for its performance as an eyeshadow primer, it is actually really good. I have been using it for a few weeks and I have had absolutely mo issues with creasing or fading. It does an excellent job at keeping eyeshadow in its place. However, there is a downside. I do notice that certain eyeshadows can be a little more difficult to blend. You will want to let this stuff set for a minute or longer before applying any eyeshadow. That helps a lot.

The packaging is obviously really cute and eye-catching.  It will stand out on your vanity, that is for sure. It is also functional.  The twist style application (on the bottom of the tube) dispenses just enough for one eyelid. It doesn't dispense too much, or too little.

It is a little pricey at $29 (you get 0.13 oz), but I can see myself repurchasing it. It may not offer enough coverage for some people. but if you have minimal redness or veins on your lids, this should work just fine.  I think it is worth trying out for yourself.

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