ColourPop Labor Day Sale Haul and Swatches

6:13 PM

Labor Day weekend is a great time for many people. A lot of people go on a mini-vacation (you guys are insanely lucky) while for others, like myself, it is business as usual.  There were a ton of sales going on, but I only participated in one. I honestly don't even remember how the sale went, I just know they took so much off if you spent a certain amount. And the more you spent, the more money you got off of your total purchase. That is the most dangerous kind of sale.  I saw this as an opportunity to get a few things that I have had my eye on for awhile but for some reason never bought.

I am not much of a YouTube person. I find it easier to read a blog post as videos are too time consuming and I just appreciate any form of writing. However, there are a few YouTubers that I adore. Two of them being CoffeeBreakWithDani and Kathleen Lights. My adoration for Jaclyn Hill deserves a post of its own.

Anyways, both of these amazing ladies have created STUNNING quads with ColourPop. I have noticed Daniela mention her quad frequently lately, so that made me wonder if it was about to stop being sold. Her quad is called Metamorphosis and it has a bit of unique twist. Two of the shades (Hope and Kindness) are duo chromes designed to transform any base shade you may use. So far I have only used hope, but it looks gorgeous over a shimmering purple or pink. It gives a beautiful butterfly wing effect.

  • Hope: opal with pink, violet, blue, and silver duo chrome with a sheer opal finish

  • Kindness: red-brown with gold, green, and blue duo chrome with a sheer opal finish

  • Strength: peachy caramel in a satin finish

  • Bravery: matte medium brown

Strength, Hope, Kindness, and Bravery

Kathleen's quad "Where The Light Is" grabbed my attention from the get go because has the warm, coppery shades that I always tend to gravitate towards.

  • Glow: matte creamy vanilla

  • Kathleen Lights: bright golden copper with a pearlized finish

  • Blaze: cocoa bronze with multidimensional glitter

  • Cornelius: matte mid-tone warm caramel 

I have not used any of these shades yet, but I already know that they are going to be fabulous.

I am in love with their Ultra Matte Lip, so I got another one in the shade Tulle. Tulle is described as a dusty mauve burgundy.

Last, but not least, is the Poison Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencil. Poison is part of their 90's inspired fall collection. ColourPop describes Poison as a matte deep brown red. It is essentially the 90's in a tube. Disclaimer: I have no idea what the heck happened to the lippie pencil. I had it this morning and now it is gone. I swear, I have gotten to the point where I would lose my head if it wasn't screwed on. But Poison is stunning. I highly recommend it, especially if you are not sure about the brown lips trend. Poison is mostly red, but it does have a touch of brown.

Poison and Tulle. How stunning are they?!

I love the way Daniela (Coffee Break With Dani) describes Frida: For the woman fueled by a substantial amount of coffee. That is 110% me. Plus it looks like such a beautiful, flattering shade. It is a mid tone nude satin pink. Yes, please.

So, it only took me three days to work on this post. I keep getting distracted by other things that need to get done and as soon as I sit down, someone usually needs me to do something. I don't sleep much anymore, so I just need to type up blog posts then and take pictures in the morning. I'll figure something out.

I do have an FOTD post planned using the Metamorphosis quad and Friday, so I will get that up ASAP so you can see the products in action. 

I will be back soon!

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