Pixi by Petra Fall 2015: Mesmerizing Mineral Palette 'Aquamarine Dream'

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Pixi by Petra is definitely a huge favorite of mine. And this year, she hit it out of the park. This palette is so very different from anything I am seeing this fall. This palette has nothing but shades of blue. No neutrals, no light colors, no pinks, no purples. Just blue and only blue. I have never seen anything quite like it before. She also did a purple one, but that one just didn't appeal to me as much.

Aquamarine Dream looks like the ocean has been captured in a palette. This palette has 6 shades, and the first four look deceptively similar. However, each shade has a little something that makes more unique than the one before it. Most of the shades in Aquamarine Dream are shimmers, but there are a couple of mattes. The shimmers are not 'in your face' shimmery. They are a little more toned down.

The first shade is a light shimmery aqua. The second shade is a beautiful teal with golden shimmer, and the third shade is a lighter teal. The fourth shade is a matte sky blue; the fifth shade is a dark teal (more green based than blue based), and the final shade is a matte medium blue. I kind of such at describing these shades, but there is just so much blue.

Outdoor lighting, shade.

Direct sunlight.

Indoor lighting, no flash.

Indoor lighting with flash.

Please excuse the shimmer in the last matte shade. I had some left over shimmer from previous swatches that just wanted to hang around.

I have tried Pixi eyeshadows before, and the quality is great. They are incredibly buttery and smooth. They are on par with higher end eyeshadows, and makeup in general. I haven't tried anything bad yet.   Overall, the pigment of this palette is good. The two matte eyeshadows leave a little to be desired, but they can be built up easily. And in the case of blue eyeshadow, I would rather that be the case. It makes them easier to work with.  They blend nicely, too. I have worn a couple of the shades on the outer portion of my lid and slightly blended into the crease, and they performed very well. I have not experienced any creasing or fading.

I used a combination of the 4th and 5th shades in combination with a copper eyeshadow.

The packaging is the same as all of the other Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes, which is great. I love how simple and fresh these palettes look. They are very slim and compact, so they do not take up too much room. I also like the clear, flip top lid that allows you to see which palette you are going for.  They are pretty sturdy, too. Mine don't just pop open and I am ashamed to say that I have dropped it a couple of times. What can I say? I can get a bad case of butter fingers at times, But it held up like a champ.

This palette is $12 and is available at Target stores and Pixi by Petra website. I have not seen it on Target's site, although they do have it pictured on the main page for Pixi.

If you are a fan of blue eyeshadows or Pixi by Petra, I think this is worth picking up.

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