Rimmel Oh My Gloss! Review and Swatches

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While nosing around the makeup aisles at Target, I happened upon the display of these glosses. I couldn't tell if Target just got lazy with the display or if it had already been picked over. It appeared to be more the former. There were only two shades: a sheer nude and a sheer rosy pink.  I haven't heard anything about the glosses, but on the bottle it says something about staying glossy for 6 hours. I was curious to see if that were true, but I had my doubts. Lip glosses are doing good to hang around for an hour. I have tried both shades quite a few times, and I like them as a basic gloss. There isn't anything too special about them.

I got two shades: Non Stop Glamour and Stay My Rose. Non Stop Glamour is a golden nude and Stay My Rose is a rosy pink.  Both shades are very sheer and do not offer much color payoff, but you can definitely tell a difference between the two. Non Stop Glamour would look great on tanned skin and would have been a nice release for the summer months. Stay My Rose is a lovely everyday gloss. Another thing to note is that these glosses do have shimmer in them. It isn't enough to make you look like a disco ball, but it just something to be mindful of.
Non Stop Glamour and Stay My Rose

Non Stop Glamour and Stay My Rose without flash.
Stay My Rose

Non Stop Glamour

To figure out exactly what this gloss does, I went to Target's site as Rimmel's site doesn't have it listed under their products yet. These glosses claim to provide shine, color, and moisture for 6 hours in addition to having vitamin E and argan oil. Oh My Gloss also has a technology called Gloss Lock, which is what makes the glosses so shiny.

This gloss is actually nice and I do like it, but it definitely does not live up to its 6 hour claim. I didn't expect it to because it just isn't in the nature of lip glosses to hang around a long time.  I get around two hours of solid glossy wear time. After that, you can still see some of the sheen, but not the full on gloss. Despite that, I love the formula. These glosses feel extremely hydrating thanks to the argan oil and vitamin E. Even after they wear off, my lips feel softer and lightly moisturized. Good job in regards to that, Rimmel. They are very lightweight, non-sticky, and just feel amazing on the lips. They don't have any trace of that uncomfortable and gross tacky, goopy feeling that longer lasting glosses tend to have. Even though they are not goopy and sticky, there is a slight thickness. They have become my go to gloss when I am in a hurry, want a nude glossy lip, and I even just wear them around the house.

Stay My Rose without flash.

Stay My Rose with flash.

Non Stop Glamour without flash.

Non Stop Glamour with flash.

I do notice a slight synthetic rosy scent. Apparently I have been having sinus problems because I literally just noticed it five seconds ago. It is faint and goes away seconds after application.

I love the applicator. It is not a traditional doe foot, but a paddle applicator. It does such an amazing job at getting to every contour of your lip. The packing is clear with a black cap and the tube is triangular with rounded edges. It looks and feels nice for a drugstore gloss.

Even though these did not last anywhere near the 6 hours, I still think it is worth picking up at least one shade.  I would like to get one of the more colorful shades just to see if they are as sheer.  Rimmel's Oh My Gloss is available at Target (not sure where else) and is $5.49.

If you have tried them, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. i have seen these and have been curious, so i might pick up one!


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