Sonia Kashuk Grand Bazaar Liquid Lip in Blush Wine Review and Swatches

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I have said this numerous times, but I always look forward to new releases by Sonia Kashuk. She consistently produces products that are affordable, but have amazing quality. Even though her products are easily accessible at Target, she puts the other drugstore brands to shame.  The fall collection did not really spark my interest. But I just had to try one of the new Liquid Lips. And I am glad I did.
Indoor lighting, no flash.

I think there is a common misconception about liquid lip colors. I get the idea that a lot of people assume they are supposed to me matte. That is not the case. This liquid lip was designed to have a lot of pigment and hydrate your lips while being long lasting. Well, I can confirm that two out of the three are true for me.

Blush Wine is described as a pinky violet. I have been looking for words to describe this color, but this works. I also detect just a hint of brown. Either way, it is a lovely everyday color for the fall.
Indoor lighting, with flash.

I am obsessed with the formulation and texture of this lip color. It has some high intense shine and it reminds me a bit of a lip lacquer. Fortunately, it is not as sticky and thick as a lip lacquer.  It does have a slightly thicker texture, but it is barely noticeable.  It is not sticky at all and feels incredibly lightweight.  My favorite aspect of this product is how hydrating it is. I don't know if I have ever used a glossy product that moisturizes my lips so well. Outside of an actual lip balm, that is. Even after the color and shine wears away, my lips still feel soft and smooth.  Basically, it feels so very comfortable throughout the wear time. Think of taking a nice long nap with your favorite pillow, PJs, and blanket. Or your favorite coffee blend in your all time favorite mug.
This mug is from Target, in case you needed some inspiration. =)

Taken with flash. 

The only downside, and this is not even a negative for me, is the wear time. When I think of a long wearing product, I think of lasting upwards of 6 hours. This stayed on me for me right around 2 hours. If you hate touch ups, you might want to stay away from this one. I don't mind them, plus I like the way this stuff feels, so I end up applying it anyway. It is just something to keep in mind if you are considering it.

As for the packaging, it is lovely. As you can see. It is very autumn like and something about it feels cozy.  This collection was inspired by the markets in Istanbul, and I do get that vibe from the rich colors and pattern. The gloss itself comes in a glass tube, which allows you to see the color. Always a nice touch. The applicator is great and well made. It is a paddle applicator and it does an excellent job of holding onto the product and applying it evenly.

The price is $11.99 for what seems like a rather small tube. However, I think it will last awhile. Even though it only stays on 2-3 hours, you do not need to apply a lot.  It is currently not available on Target's website, but it is in stores.  I really do like this product and think it is worth pinking up. It makes for a lovely neutral lip color for the fall, but it is not a traditional neutral color. It keeps things a little interesting.

What are your favorite fall lip colors?

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