Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadows Review and Swatches: Mauves Like Jagger and Under Treasure

5:30 AM

I have had two of the Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadows for a few months now and I have been meaning to review them for quite sometime. I have a few posts I want to do on a few new collections, but I probably won't get them up until tomorrow or Saturday. I have to take my mom to the dentist first thing, and there are some other things that I really need to get done. This is an easy and straightforward review, so now seems like the perfect time to post it. Plus I figured you guys might need a break from all of the talk about the Holiday releases. My bank account is in pain.

Catrice is the sister company of Essence, which means they are also inexpensive. I have like everyone that I have tried by Catrice so far, and these eyeshadows are no exception. I have two out of the six available shades. Mauves Like Jagger is, well, the name is pretty self explanatory. It is darker than your traditional mauve, though. Under Treasure is a golden bronze.

These eyeshadows are on the sheerer side, but they still have gorgeous pigment.  You don't have to keep building the product to get anything to show up.

The finish of these is ultra shimmery and shiny. They are supposed to be highly metallic, but they are not. When I think of liquid metal, I think of something along the lines of Kat Von D's Metal Crush eyeshadow. These lack that level of intensity. Nonetheless, they are lovely eyeshadows if you are a fan of shimmer.  They are very smooth and creamy, but I would not consider them buttery.  Because of that, they apply and blend well. They can also stand alone or be paired with other eyeshadows. I tend to wear them alone because they add such nice color and shimmer to the lid on their own.

Despite all of the shimmer and shine, I haven't had any problems with fallout. At least not on my face. In the pan, well, that it is a different story.  These babies can stir up quite a bit of powder. But as long as that isn't applicable to my face, I am okay with it. I have tried them with and without primer and I have not had any problems with creasing, fading, or transferring.

I can even appreciate the overall design of the eyeshadows. The packaging is made of thick, sturdy plastic. It is durable and I can see it being travel friendly.  The top is clear, so you can see the shadow beneath. It snaps shut, but it is actually easy to open. It isn't one of those instances where you have to pry it open with the jaws of life. I am happy to say that is not the case, but once it is shut, it stays shut.  The eyeshadow itself looks like a wave with fish scales engraved on it. I know that it sounds weird, but it looks pretty.

Catrice's Liquid Metal Eyeshadows are the definition of affordable. You get 3g (.10 oz) of product for  $4.99. They are only available at Ulta here in the states, and because Catrice is often part of Ulta's BOGO 50% off, you can get some good deals. Also, the $3.50 off of $10 coupons also apply.

If you are obsessed with shimmery and shiny eyeshadows, you need to try these out.  My next review will be of the new L'Oreal Voluminous Super Star Eyeliner, so be on the lookout for that. See you soon! =)

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