First Impressions and Swatches of Hard Candy Fall 2015 Collection

5:25 PM

I haven't heard any buzz about any new Hard Candy products, so I did a bit of research and I loved the way their offerings for fall looked. I went to Wal-Mart and fortunately they had some of the stuff. I have only used the products a couple of times, but I have to say that I am pretty impressed so far. Especially with the new lipsticks. Even though mine look pretty beat up.

Naturally, I gravitated towards the eye palettes first. There are three new baked eyeshadow palettes that have 10 shades (two pans are divided into two shades). The are called Shadow Spheres Baked Eye Shadow Palette. I got Light n Night, which has smokey shades with a couple that are variations on rose gold. I have only used it four times, but it is a lot better than I expected. Drugstore baked shadows are usually absolute crap, but I am liking these. The three lightest shades are so stunning. At least if you like some shimmer.  At first, the eyeshadows feel like they are going to be rough and have no pigment. But that is only the top layer and it wears away. Once you get through that, they are quite nice. They have a smooth texture and pretty good pigment.  They claim to be travel friendly, but I would not recommend it. One of the spheres has already broken in half, but I was able to stick it back on.
These are pretty light, but they are beautiful on the eye.

There are two other palettes: a neutral one (Nudes n Roses) and a palette that has pops of color (My Bright Life.)  The shadows are designed to be used wet or dry. Each one is $8.

They have also released two glitter gel palettes a la Wet n Wild, just on a larger scale. Hard Candy's version is called the Glitteratzi Palette and there are two variations. I purchased Call Me Sparkles. How cute is that name? I honestly don't know why I even bought this. I never use this kind of product. But I was curious, and it would be fun with Halloween around the corner. I'll find some excuse to wear it, I'm sure.  I am pretty sure there is glitter throughout, not just on the top layer. I am pretty sure this palette is $8, too.

Now for these incredible looking lipsticks, which I am excited to share with you. Have you ever seen such awesome packaging for a drugstore lipstick? The newFierce Effects Lipsticks are insane. In a good way. This is a premature reaction, but they might be one of my favorite drugstore lipsticks. I purchased three colors: Prowler (a dark grape), Galactica (frosty mauve-y brown), and Show Off, which is a bright red. They are infused with argan oil, and as a result, they feel amazing on the lips. Prowler is probably my favorite dark lipstick in my collection.  I do have a word of caution. Before putting the cap back on, make sure the bullet is twisted all the way down. Unlike most lipsticks, there is no wiggle room. The top will hit the lid and they will be messed up. Two of mine came that way, I accidentally did it to Galactica.  Despite this, I think they are worth picking up. They are $5.

Prowler, Galactica, and Show Off

Hard Candy also has a new line of mascaras called Chrome Lash Tinsel. I got the shade Sapphire, and I think there are two more. I know there is a gold one. These types of mascara are usually crap, but this is not too bad. It isn't very intense, but when the light hits your lashes a certain way, it looks pretty. You will definitely want to wear this on top of your favorite mascara.

They also released the handy Oopsy Proof Liner Eraser. I have found it to be more useful than I expected. Because it is shaped like your everyday felt tip eyeliner, it is perfect for sharpening up the edges of your winged liner. As for erasing the whole darn thing. I would just stick to eye makeup remover. This liner eraser works, but it creates a smeared mess in the process. To keep it clean, just wipe it off with a tissue after each use.

There are a few things I was not able to get because my Wal-Mart didn't have them. There are new shades of their gel lipstick, they have matte and glossy lip pencils, and an eyebrow duo that has a wax and powder.

I'll be reviewing everything separately in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! So far, I am liking everything. The only thing I would pass on is the glitter palette and maybe the mascara.

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